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How to Clean and Maintain Your Solid Surface Countertops?


Many materials are currently available on the market, including marble, stainless steel, wood, solid surface countertops, and so on.Home is solid surface countertops everyday cleaning and maintenance has been a source of concern for many people.So, how do you clean the man-made stone table? What are the strategies for maintaining an solid surface countertops mesa?

Kingkonree will accompany you to take a look.


Method for cleaning solid surface countertops

1. General stain cleaning: Because fake stone is a synthetic entity with no capillary thick material and strong anti-fouling, most stains do not represent a significant threat to it. Daily cleaning and maintenance can be as simple as a moist cloth and detergent or soapy water wipe away on an solid surface countertops with water stains or huge stains.

2, remove obstinate stains from the surface of an solid surface countertops:

Smooth the surface by sanding it with a decontamination cleanser, then washing and drying it with a dry cloth. Rub the entire surface with a cleaning cloth every now and then to keep it smooth.

Matte surface: In a circular motion, rub a cloth with a non-abrasive cleanser. To enhance the finish, towel dry and use a non-abrasive polish.

Highlighter: Apply with a sponge and a non-abrasive polish. Especially tough filth to remove, available 1200 grit sandpaper grinding, and then use a soft cloth and bright agent to brighten.

Tough stain cleaning: decontamination should be performed according to the different surface characteristics of fake stone mesa for those tough filth.


3, solid surface countertops breaking must be corrected as soon as possible.

The crack discovered on the table must be fixed as soon as possible; do not drag for an extended period of time. If water seeps down the crevices to the cabinet board or backing board, soaking for an extended period of time will cause the cabinet to decay, spawning bacteria or worms. When fixing the cracking of an solid surface countertops mesa, it is vital to determine the origin of the cracking in order to prevent the same problem from recurring. The following are some of the most prevalent causes of solid surface countertops mesa breaking, using kitchen cabinets as an example.

Uneven force caused cracking: if the table was not installed with the pad reinforced, and the position of cutting vegetables is only in the area without the pad. As a result, cutting veggies is more like hanging in the air. If the hardness of the fake stone table is insufficient, cracks will emerge in the simple force component over time. As a result, before restoring the table, it is vital to safeguard the stress area.


How to Care for an Solid Surface Countertops Mesa

1. Avoid putting hot things in close contact.

The heat conductivity of solid surface countertops is low; immediately from the stove or oven, microwave oven to remove the hot pot, hot pot, or other high temperature utensils may cause cracking of the fake stone mesa surface. Place a heat barrier on the counter or use a pot holder with a rubber foot. Furthermore, after boiling water, an solid surface countertops cannot be washed in cold water.

2. Avoid coming into contact with harsh chemicals.

Although solid surface countertops is resistant to damage for a long time, it is still required to avoid contact with harsh chemicals such as paint, metal cleaning agent, stove cleaning agent, and so on. If you come into contact with any of the above items, immediately wash the solid surface countertops with plenty of soapy water.


3, keep heavy or sharp objects away from the solid surface countertops

Do not let heavy or sharp objects directly strike the surface; instead, use a cutting board pad. Although the solid surface countertops is strong, doing so will create unsightly scratches.


4, make an effort to keep the solid surface countertops dry.

Because the water includes a lot of bleach and scale, leaving it for an extended period of time will make the table color pale and impair the appearance. As a result, water stains must be cleaned with a rag on a regular basis.

The above is about how to clean solid surface countertops mesa and solid surface countertops mesa maintenance methods. I hope this helps, and please visit www.kkrsolidsurface.com for more information.


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