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Solid Surface Countertops: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Marble and Quartz


Stone is now commonly utilized in ornamentation. varied stone materials have varied decorative effects.

Many people will choose solid surface countertops, marble, or quartz stone when purchasing decorative stone.

But are you aware of the cost-effective benefits of solid surface countertops, marble, and quartz stone? How do I select a decorative stone?

Today, KKR will assist you in thoroughly analyzing how to select the best stone for us!


When solid surface countertops, quartz stone, and artificial marble prices are compared, which is the most expensive?

Marble is a costly material. Marble is a metamorphic rock generated during the recrystallization of limestone, frequently accompanied by the texture of biological remains, with a composition of calcium carbonate ranging from 50% to 70%. Small levels of silica can be found in some marbles. The grain is fine, the distribution of surface fringes is generally irregular, and the hardness is moderate. Quartz stone is an artificial synthesis of quartz crystals, resin, and other trace minerals to create a new type of stone. When quartz is heated in a machine under appropriate physical and chemical circumstances and pressed into a big size plate, it becomes a liquid material. It's a reasonably common mineral that forms rocks.


The distinction between quartz and man-made stone Which is better, quartz or solid surface countertops?

Quartz stone and solid surface countertops are now more often utilized materials, as long as they are purchased as decorating materials. Some folks will feel no different, look the same, and even choose one at random. In fact, a basic understanding of this knowledge may be a superior option. 

Quartz stone and solid surface countertops are now more often utilized materials, as long as they are purchased as decorating materials. Some folks will feel no different, look the same, and even choose one at random. In fact, a basic understanding of this knowledge may be a superior option. Let's look at the differences between quartz stone and fake stone below. Which is better, quartz stone or fake stone?

What is the distinction between quartzite and man-made stone?

One, in terms of cost: quartz stone is typically more expensive than fake stone:

1. quartz crystal Processing equipment is more expensive than solid surface countertops, there are fewer manufacturers, and the factory price is higher.

2. A little better quartz stone, mainly in the field, the product chain is: supplier - Shenzhen area agent - cabinet manufacturer - end customer, and fake stone is: supplier - cabinet factory - end customer, quartz stone more than a link, the price will be higher.

3. For new products or related to solid surface countertops that is not very old, the price is not too transparent, and many firms would charge a greater price to the consumer.

Two, in terms of practicality, quartz stone is superior tosolid surface countertops: in terms of specialized usage, quartz stone requires little care, but solid surface countertops requires protective use.


On an old table that has seen better days:

1. fake stone: there are numerous little knife scratches on the table, there is some oil, and the local may be light in color.

2, quartz stone: There will be some black stains on the quartz stone table, but they can be swiftly removed with quartz stone sandpaper (since the hardness of quartz stone is harder than the tool, this trace for the traces of steel in the quartz stone surface), and there will be no further difficulties. Because of the properties of its own substance, quartz stone defines its high temperature resistance; temperatures below 300 degrees Celsius have no effect on it, resulting in deformation and fracture.

 Three, it is more beautiful: quartz stone is slightly less expensive than solid surface countertops.

1. table after water, solid surface countertops can achieve arc transition; and quartz stone, since it is the site to do after the water, is directly bonded in the table against the wall with quartz stone special adhesive.

2, joint: fake stone can be joined in a seamless manner; quartz stone will have a faint line, making entirely seamless connections problematic. The effect of general quartz stone in the seam will be improved with the day to wash the interface.

3. The front holding water effect can be similar to that of solid surface countertops, albeit significantly less in radian.

4. Solid Surface Countertops polishing is easier and produces a better result. Just in terms of time, it will not take as long as fake stone. 

Four, compared to the installation: solid surface countertops faster, quartz dust is relatively less presently put quartz stone table, per meter to give extra subsidies to the master. Because quartz stone is too heavy, it will take longer to go to the scene after the water, grinding edge, opening the stove hole, and so on.


Which is better, quartz stone or fake stone?

1. In general, quartz stone is created of small shattered glass and quartz sand through a high temperature and high pressure synthesis process, which is mostly seen in the kitchen on weekdays. When the table bumps, it will not leave scratches on the table, and it does not matter whether the hot pot is directly on the table, its heat resistance is good, but it is also important to wipe the surface of the oil. So quartz stone can not only be created of different styles of cabinets, but it can also be installed on the kitchen wall, making later cleaning work easier.

2. The solid surface countertops mesa is made of natural ore powder to add the influence of beautiful color master, enhance the hardness and heat insulation effect of acrylic resin after high temperature and high pressure special processing, and because the ore powder high pressure compaction treatment, its pores are much smaller than quartz stone, there will not be water stains for a long time soaking mesa water marks. In terms of price, the table built of solid surface countertops is less expensive than the quartz platform due to its greater acid resistance.

3. However, solid surface countertops cannot be used to build walls and can only be used to make a table. Because the weight of solid surface countertops is relatively heavy, the strain on the cabinet is also high. Of course, it is still closer to our lives than solid surface countertops in every way.



Solid surface countertops: Relatively inexpensive, nearly no design constraints, limitless innovation, and limitless performance.

Quartz stone: more expensive, not easily scratched, its major substance is 95% quartz sand (silica), its mineral hardness, Mohs hardness is 7.5, comparable to diamond hardness

However, because the strength and density of quartz stone are so high, once damaged, it is difficult to repair.

Marble: the price is higher, the marble resource distribution is quite broad, and large-scale mining and industrial processing are frequently simple.

The performance of the stone should be considered when selecting it for various applications.

Quartzite is very stain resistant, simple to clean, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, and sturdy. It is appropriate for kitchen counters, restrooms, and other stain-prone areas.

Marble, because of its color variation, high radiation, internal holes, and ease of moldability, is rarely used on kitchen countertops or places where oil is present.

Marble is bright, colorful, cool to the touch, and has a natural texture and gloss. Its hue is quartz stone, which cannot be created artificially.

Marble is appropriate for high-end design styles, such as interior wall and ground décor, and has a service life of 50-80 years.

It is inexpensive, has few design constraints, and offers limitless creativity and performance.

Finally, money is a significant consideration because the cost of marble mesa is rather high, thus it is not recommended to choose marble mesa for economic reasons.

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