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Weixingguan's new spokesperson Zhang Guoli's filial piety 'son' complex-Weixingguan, spokesperson, Zhang Guoli

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-20

In 50 years, from building a family to three generations living together, the high quality of Weixing New Material's pipeline is evident, which makes Zhang Guoli, who loves and cares for his family, very satisfied with the endorsement of Weixing New Material. The reporter asked me a question. As Zhang Mo's father, does Zhang Guoli help him more or hurt him more? I thought about it myself and felt that I have indeed hurt you a lot over the years. If you didn't happen to meet Zhang Guoli when he wanted to start a business and fight for fame when you were young, maybe my mother and I would not have divorced. If you didn't have Zhang Guoli as a father, you might not have suffered so much. You were a rebellious child from childhood to adulthood, and you were also extremely straightforward. When you told me to leave our company, you I'm actually not unhappy about going out to find a role, but I just don't think you need to make yourself work so hard. This is a father's more normal mentality. I am fortunate that today, besides being frank, you are more able to express your thoughts than before. This may reduce a lot of misunderstandings. You know, I usually don’t tell reporters these things, probably because today is Father’s Day. (Letter from Zhang Guoli to Zhang Mo)

Weixing Guanxin's new spokesperson Zhang Guoli

Zhang Guoli's filial son complex When Zhang Mo was detained, Zhang Guoli, the father, said in a public apology statement: As a father, I am Feeling deeply saddened and guilty, I also beg the public and the media to be tolerant to him and give a lost young man a chance to rehabilitate. Please understand a father's feelings, and please forgive a son's mistakes. It can be seen that Zhang Guoli Very sincere, very sorry, very sad. In July last year, Zhang Guoli was a guest on Guo Degang's talk show 'There is a Drama Tonight'. When talking to Guo Degang about his son Zhang Mo, he showed no trace of his love and guilt for Zhang Mo. Zhang Guoli's divorce from his ex-wife in the early years still left a shadow on his son Zhang Mo. His rebelliousness and eccentricity were all tolerated by Zhang Guoli, a loving father. His son Zhang Mo was constantly negative, and Zhang Guoli always stood on the cusp of the storm again and again with a guilty heart, blocking the long guns and short guns and public criticism for Zhang Mo. Because he knew that with his level of wrist, the focus would not be on his son Zhang Mo, which would make him less guilty.

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