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What are the main types of toilets? -Toilet, according to the way of sewage

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-28

There are four types of toilets on the market according to the sewage discharge method: flushing type, siphon flushing type, siphon jet type and siphon whirlpool type. When choosing a toilet, we are often confused by professional terms such as siphon jet and siphon whirlpool. It can help you when choosing a toilet. (1) Flush-down toilet It is a more traditional, and also a more popular sewage discharge method in domestic middle and low-grade toilets. The toilet uses the impulse of water flow to discharge the sewage. 1. In order to increase the hydraulic power falling from the water gap around the toilet, the wall of the pool is usually steep; 2. In order to concentrate the hydraulic power, the water storage area of u200bu200bthe pool is small, which is prone to fouling; 3. Due to the concentrated flushing water flow It falls on a small water storage surface, so it will produce a lot of noise when discharging; 4. The price is cheap and the water consumption is small. (2) Siphon flushing toilet It is the second generation toilet, which uses the certain pressure (siphon phenomenon) formed after the flushing water fills the sewage pipe with water to discharge the dirt. 1. Since the dirt is not washed away by water power, the slope of the pool wall is relatively gentle, and there is a complete pipe inside, which is in the shape of an inverted 'S'. 2. The water storage area is increased, and the water storage layer is deeper, which is prone to splashing water; 3. The water consumption is increased; 4. The noise problem has been improved. (3) Siphon jet toilet toilet (18 photos) An improved version of the siphon flushing toilet, with the addition of a jet auxiliary channel, the jet port is aligned with the center of the inlet of the sewage pipe, and the jet diameter is about 20 mm. The impulsive force of the water flow pushes the dirt into the sewage pipeline, and at the same time, the large-diameter water flow promotes the accelerated formation of the siphon effect, which speeds up the sewage discharge speed. 1. The water area in the pool is increased; 2. The high level of water storage is also limited, which has a good effect in reducing odor and preventing water splashing; 3. The jet is carried out underwater, not only does not increase the noise, but makes the noise The problem has improved. (4) The whirlpool toilet is of a higher grade. It uses flushing water from the bottom of the pool along the tangential direction of the pool wall to promote a whirlpool. With the increase of the water level, it fills the sewage pipeline. When the water surface in the toilet and the sewage outlet of the toilet form a water level When it is poor, a siphon is formed, and the dirt is discharged with it. 1. In order to meet the design requirements of the pipeline, the water tank and the toilet are integrated in the molding process, which is called a conjoined toilet; 2. The two functions of the vortex and the siphon are used: the vortex can generate a strong centripetal force and quickly roll up the dirt into the whirlpool; in the middle, and discharge the dirt with the generation of siphon, the flushing process is fast and complete; 3. The water storage area is large and the smell is small; 4. The noise is low.

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