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What are the marble board face antiskid processing method

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-02
is not only a high-end decorative materials, solid surface sheets for sale tile decoration can be used from 70 to 100, because marble hardness is higher, is not easy to loss, long service life and price of many factors, has been the first choice for outdoor decoration floor tile. belong to high-end decorative materials, outdoor use in the subway, airport, square and other places, parks, parking lot, usually people circulation populated places, if marble surface is smooth, easy to cause people hurt, so what are solid surface sheets for sale board face antiskid processing method? Section 1 hair surface hair surface, also called machine, board face is without any processing, big big board formed by the saws for cutting marble, its surface is rough. In general MAO is the largest consumption board face, rough raw, itself is slippery, the price is the cheapest. 2 after grinding head polishing smooth smooth surface is rough surface, light panel is used for indoor decoration, general good marble polishing on sale, smooth marble stone is one of the most sales. 3 pickling surface pickling surface is better than wool surface non-slip surface, with dilute hydrochloric acid wash, board face after hydrochloric acid wash produces chemical reaction, make its surface is uneven. After pickling board face more anti-fouling, permeability, prevent slippery, also can be used in the kitchen, the bathroom. Pickling surface is rough your $20 to 30 yuan. 4 litchi surface panel after hitting form uneven surface is called lychee surface, litchi surface to operate more time-consuming, the price also is higher, generally is not recommended. 5 fire is burning surface crystal, make its burst. 6 water wash a face USES water cannons spray board face, make its forming uneven. The antiquity surface usually is to use fire to surface water wash a face, first make the crystal blowout, the board face is washed with water cannon burr, burning surface technology is higher.
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