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What are the precautions for marble setting wall decoration?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-31
Use marble make TV setting wall, attentive friends should plan ahead good whole decorate a style, mainly through setting wall of marble style layout, space planning, color and surface treatment planning three aspects to reflect, so need to pay attention to what? Generally speaking, marble is used for more European style of the sitting room decorate a style. The marble as main ingredient of TV setting wall decorations, there will be a hale alternative style. The hale and hearty style, of course, will be accepted by the owner and family identity and. Compared with the noisy city, natural guileless marble, give a person a kind of psychological sense of peace and quiet. Use them as background wall can let a person is cheerful, builds a contracted household style, is also a good choice. metope and the sitting room with larger area, its fine texture, smooth surface, can match the furniture of natural atmosphere is more fashionable breath. One, and the size of the space planning in the design plan, the first thing we want to consider the size of TV setting wall, according to the size and the size of the whole space of the television to decide. And the size of the marble, 80 centimeters commonly used specifications SLATE assembled, it's easy to transport and install, but there are some owners choose a block of large plate. Second, the material color choose marble variety, color and texture. Black, brown and other dark marble exalted atmosphere, light colors such as white, cream-colored wen run full. Has a pattern of simple and agile walk quietly elegant line, also have highlighted the grain brings strong shock. But note that no matter how to choose, the first principle is to appropriate integral collocation. Three, surface smooth especially black marble processing design planning once glance can destroy whole visual effect, and let a person feel uncomfortable, dazzling so today's mainstream products are not light pollution caused by the smooth surface design is given priority to. In addition, the design of TV wall glance when you shoot the lamp to also pay attention to the problem, a small lamp through reflection can make the bedroom 'Jin Bi brilliance'. Setting wall decoration marble steps: Step1: metope processing at the grass-roots level, basic cleaning must be clean, smooth, cannot have aggradation, floating ash, and daub on metope grassroots good moistureproof layer. Step2: fixed keel, because Dali is thick, use steel keel can reduce the stress of slab to metope. According to the background wall drawing design, in the background into fixed on the wall, then keel welded together, fixed with metope. Step3: stone installation, the installation process must pay attention to horizontal and vertical line control. Stone must be installed along the horizontal and vertical line on the supporting frame. Fixed marble plank of the lower part of the borehole, first insert the racks accessories, fine-tuning locking fixed stone upper and side again, and finally in the connection open anchoring agent and reinforcing plate. Step4: gap adhesion, plate gap between the reserves filled with glue, so as to avoid heat bilges cold shrink lead to stone material deformation. Stone after installation, clean the dust impurities in gaps, filling foam article, on the edge of the plate with adhesive tape to protect good, finally to glue the gap. Has its own mines, engaged in stone industry for 12 years, marble mining, processing, deep processing as a whole, the company has passed the national quality management system and environmental management system certification, and established a perfect quality management system and innovation of science and technology agency.
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