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What is KKR solid surface features?


KKR solid surface are committed to develop and to offer the answers different aspects which addressed as a whole and not individually for the success of a project. KKR solid surface is aesthetic, flexible and widly used for commercial, retail, residential and hospitality sectors.


KKR solid surface is an acrylic-bound solid surface with exceptional dimensional stability. Durable, transformable, easy to clean, repairable, non-porous and seamless, our high performance product delivers superior colour consistency with more than 300 colors optional. Its impressive features permit us to stand out from the competition when working in the commercial, retail, residential and hospitality sectors.


KKR solid surface keeps a watchful eye on the evolution of design trends. KKR solid surface continuously updates its range of solid surface colours and patterns to ensure customers find the right fit for their projects. From minimalist designs to decorative styles, our colour palette provides inspiration to help customers achieve the best possible outcome.


KKR solid surface has widely range of thicknesses from 6mm to 30mm, varying widths and lengths, and a wide range of colours to match for different projects. Our manufacturing facility handles large and small orders promptly and efficiently, resulting in short lead times. In addition, KKR can also offers a selection of sinks and basins in contemporary styles while our remarkable thermoformable 3Deep technology gives designers more creative freedom. To reduce project costs, KKR solid surface may be paired with surfaces in matching colours for the projects need.

Each KKR solid surface products delivers outstanding quality. On KKR solid surface products we offer an at least 5-year warranty. We provide support on-site training for architects, designers, dealers and fabricators if need.


KKR solid surfaces are designed to be long-lasting solutions. Daily wear and scratches are inevitable through normal use,  
but KKR solid surface maintenance is simple. Dirt may be removed easily using common household cleaning agents. In contrast to most materials, KKR solid surface may be renewed at any time. Moderate traces of wear and scratches are easily removed to ensure the material maintains its renewed appearance over time.

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