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What kind white marble sculpture are there?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-14
Professional custom white solid surface sheets for sale carving products, marble sculpture, marble graven images, the round marble, solid surface sheets for sale sinks professional custom white marble carving products, marble sculpture, marble graven images, the round marble, solid surface sheets for sale carving. 1, the marbles. Namely carved in stone surface stereoscopic images, is half a multiple-layered carvings. According to relief because of image projection in the end. According to the end different points, the extent of shallow relief and is divided into high relief. Bas-relief statue is sheer level, that is single, not hollow out through it. High relief is a multi-level statues, content is relatively complicated, take more valuable. such handiwork technique of hollow out, could be more fascinating. Relief for wall decoration, building and temple dragon post, drum, etc. Beijing's Forbidden City okimichi is embossed. 2, marble carving. Is monomer stereo modelling art, stone every surface requirements for processing, craft to hollow out techniques and fine chop axe. Such a lot of more phyletic, most as a single stone sculpture, there are also made up by many blocks of stone, these carved body developed in recent years to promote more micro products, some small stone of the fruit, some as thin as a cicada, more wonderful artical excelling nature, known as' sculpture '. Such products are completely out of building practical and become pure arts and crafts, due to the small and easy to carry, more for monumental treasures, and good development prospects. 3, marble carving. Also known as the 'line carve, namely using' water sink flowers' method of carving works of art. Such carving method of absorption and meaning, overlapping, Chinese painting line model of scatter perspective traditional brushwork, such as stone after plane processing polishing, to depict the pattern of text, and then according to the figure carved lines, with line thickness extent, make use of the shadow show stereo feeling. Such products are most used in the structure of the outer wall surface decoration, strong artistic quality. 4, marble graven images. In the early years' black and white needle technology developed on the basis of new arts and crafts. The earliest works is not written by HuiAn artists in the 60's, because of work is to the photos, so called 'graven images. This jade carvings in crystal lake engraved sawed into tablet as material, the surface polishing, first using its cut cut can show the characteristics of white spots, with nozzle tool to cut out the size, depth, density, different micro point, only the different levels of black and white, make the image display, not only exquisite lifelike, and unique charm, is a stone to the development of pure art, opened up a new path for stonework production.
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