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White marble parquet production standards and processes

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-16
White marble from the guangxi area, white solid surface sheets for sale, white grey lines and white Huang Wen, mine also has the earl grey and brown marble, white marble has rich color, abundant resources and high cost performance, the characteristics of the popular consumer favorite. White solid surface sheets for sale products production material standards; 1, the same stone color is consistent, without clear off color, color, color line faults, cannot have a Yin and Yang color; 2, the lines are basically the same, board face pattern is lighter cut no crack; 3, marble mosaics gap error is less than 1 mm; 4, surface glossiness of no less than 90%; 5, stone between the pattern and color have obvious comparative; White marble parquet production process 1, design according to customer's favorite and demand, outline design, natural marble is the result of natural, marble spelling a flower to reflect the natural life. 2, drawing according to the design and choice of a variety of colors such as white, gray, brown, white marble, effective integration and model figure drawing, crestor can cut through the customer. 3, cutting according to confirm the good design and choose stone, solid surface sheets for sale spelling a flower is generally made by professional water knife cutting, cutting workers process cast is the size of the gap between the spelling a flower design. 4, typesetting and good running in cutting marble after typesetting and paste, paste a sticky with dry blame two, floor tile with whitewater mud paste spelling a flower, dry hanging metope spelling a flower more use paste. 5, the overall toning permeability seam patterns after the spell, use resin, powder, ink mixing palette. Make the color similar to stone has absolute, mixed with a little drier into crevices. The final step 6, grinding polishing, color mixing dry after appearing on board face grinding polishing.
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