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White marble plank how to maintain

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-15
White marble plank maintenance problems, there are a lot of friend also consulted our technical teacher, we all know that white marble itself value is higher, if maintain undeserved, led to the use cycle shorter, it must thed loss outweights the gain. So today we comb his how to maintain version of white jade plate first, white solid surface sheets cabbage cutting, if exposure under the sun, so must be no good, so the first cut the good white solid surface sheets plank is a cool place, conditional can be stacked in the warehouse, because high temperature can make the reaction of white marble, will turn black, so for us, is certainly no second, white marble plank if has corresponding black spots or surface has become not luster, can use some acetic acid or other acidic coating surface, then rub clean with a towel
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