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White marble varieties and name

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-14
Main mineral is calcite, YunBaiShi marble, solid surface sheets for sale is representative of the type of rock, including calcium carbonate salt, metamorphic rocks, marble varieties with different colors in different areas, so there are always different regions with different name and different rock rock the phenomenon, with the same name is consistent regional puppets to listen, or with the same geographical name. Relatively pure marble should be white or gray, but because of the susceptible to contamination of other colors, resulting in a different color series, basically have white, black, red, green, yellow, gray and other has spotted pattern design and color. named and classified on the basis of a lot, such as dandong green and tieling red is named, origin and color to Snow White and YiYeQing is named, decorative pattern and color to your autumn and waves is named, decorative pattern image and some marble is the traditional name, such as white marble and white. White marble well produced in Beijing and hubei Yellowstone, mainly white jade, slightly veins, veins and have administrative levels feeling, belongs to the most high-end stone. Peirce white produced in Greece, the domestic many similar white stone, white high purity, large grain crystal structure, hardness, colour and lustre is sleek, compact structure, with a few gray streaks. Snow White made in shandong Ye County, white, light gray uniform microtek, and there are more yellow white miscellaneous points made in congratulation state, mainly white ash grain, high gloss, crystal particles are slightly big, grey lines are thick, gray lines striatum is more, some with rice grain, belongs to the mid-range stone, very suitable for engineering choose big grey stone produced in Italy, white with grey streaks, quality of a material is more hard natural decorative pattern, the texture is very have administrative levels feeling, gray and white, distinct. General requirements for monochrome marble color uniform; Decorated marble pattern, depth gradually transition; Pattern type marble requirements clearly, design and color, decorative pattern regularity. In short, design and color is beautiful, convenient for large Mosaic decoration, can with bulk supply of design and color as well.
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