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6 ways to give your reception area a creative makeover

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-12
In the past, there would be boring reception in the office, a typical woman sitting on the table, a phone on the table, and some random files floating around the whole area.
Today, as more and more cool businesses enter the market, offices that handle the same business take the same approach and intend to design their offices in the same creative way.
So if you also plan to remodel or want to design all the new reception areas, we have some important suggestions for you, here are some things you have to keep in mind. 1.
Color helps to make the space vibrant, but overusing can seriously damage the texture.
So try to use up to 3 colors.
A variety of colors can confuse a person (
They feel overwhelmed.
Try using only those colors like your company\'s logo, website color, etc that are similar to your business.
Always use the brightest colors as much as possible, as they make the place look spacious, add them to the furniture project, or add them to any large project like reception or waiting areacouch. 2.
Keep the shape of the reception, the shape of the reception is very important, although the round table looks softer, and because of the prominent corners in the room, it is easy to flow with the room, but the rectangular frame is glued to different levels and looks quite attractive.
Nowadays, there are all kinds of reception desks with modern designs and shapes.
Therefore, choose the product that best suits your needs. 3.
Focusing on lighting can quickly make or break the look of the reception area.
Equipping your receptionist with lights is not only good for decorative angles, but also prevents eyes --
The bright light released from the computer was tense.
It will also mask the pressure on walls, tables and other furniture that may affect the appearance of the entire space over time.
Go and light up your reception area with some modern and attractive fixtures. 4.
While blocking colors is a trend, matching pink and blue at your reception can make some people too loud and dull.
Instead, as we said above, try to match the bright colors that will make your place look more spacious. 5.
Textures are stylish, and if you want to add some specific textures to your furniture, use up to two textures as this is just something that is stylish and stylish today.
When I visit the office, the two most common things I often see at the reception desk are a mix of matte and glossy, and trust me, it does create a unique look.
By having these two textures in your reception area, you can create a brand image automatically. 6.
In order to make your guests feel more comfortable, our lounge suite is equipped with a modern sofa to provide them with a comfortable seat.
Decorate the reception area with potted plants and unique paintings on the wall. Do it now!
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