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8000 yuan u003d luxurious bathroom? Here's the moment when miracles unfold - luxury, bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-22

What is the concept of luxury in life? A more popular saying is that the steam room is used for SPA, the massage tub is a bubble bath, the smart toilet is refreshing, and the antique cabinet is distinguished. It is well known that the prices of these items are not cheap, and the market price is more than 10,000 yuan. acceptable for household expenses. So, can we achieve such a bathroom decoration without spending so much money? Let’s see what professional interior designers say.

Teach you to install a luxury bathroom for 8,000 yuan

Through the contact with several home improvement designers, I learned some small rules in home improvement, especially in the purchase of bathroom decoration, it is more necessary to think Be clear. Due to the fierce competition, temporary promotions in the sanitary ware industry are very popular at present. By grasping the promotion rules of some brands and paying more attention to short-term promotion information, you can greatly save costs and install a high-grade bathroom, but remember to buy regular brands. Promotional products. Recently, Orusa Sanitary Ware, which has a larger promotion range and a wider range of promotions, is a good choice. They have launched a smart naked price storm in most areas, and they have carefully studied the discounts. The regular price of the special promotional smart toilet is more than 8,000 yuan. It is understood that if you buy it in the store now, through the coupon, the price can be as low as 999 yuan, and the price of the ordinary toilet is to buy the smart toilet. The original price of the massage tub is more than 12,000, and the promotion price is as low as 5,000. Some models of antique cabinets that sell high and sell high are also launched at promotional prices, and the price concessions are equally astonishing. For such a large price reduction, a professional home improvement designer admitted: It is more of a gimmick made by businesses, but it is not necessary to completely deny it because of it. Seizing the real preferential points can save a lot of money, which is very important for consumers. There is almost no rational understanding. Make shopping plans in advance and search for more information on the Internet. Pies will really fall from the sky!

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