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Bai Dali stone railings installation process

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-16
The world has in south China's largest YunBaiShi mining resources, can be used for processing the big board, alien, baluster, armrest, Shi Li stones industry development co. , LTD. , focusing on the white stone processing for 13 years, explain stone railings installation process for you. 1 a: construction conditions, construction land in accordance with the construction requirements. 2, stone railing column board, column, stone of armrest, ground stone size comply with the design requirements. 3, stone railings varieties, specifications, colors, comply with the design requirements of 2:1, and tools, construction preparation, steel tape, ink fountain, spirit level, fall line, rubber hammer, tile, etc. 2, the material preparation: the design requirements of stone railings ( Fu stone, column board, at column) Not less than 325 s, marble glue, label silicate sand, cement,. 3: installation process 1, according to design requirements for the ground stone marked clearly, the installation location, elevation of level ground wire straight and level. 2, one by one to install large column, column board and correction. 3 dirt, dust, clean aperture. Four stone, note 1, bottom line, the installation position of big column, column board and mortise and tenon joint practice should comply with the design requirements, the size, tight connection level off, suitable jointing full full, installation is strong enough. 2, rail line is fluent, accurate modelling components and edges in order. 3, the rail surface colour and lustre is consistent, without noise and stain, no crack fracture phenomenon. 4, when installation should be light to take light put, prevent fell 5, stone artifacts straight split rail components should be horizontal even vertical, curve should be curve flow chang. Components are installed in 6, baluster, John column, column board don't don't correspond with seam lines or head and will need a crowbar point pry into place, if have raised influence local installation, need a small cutting machine cutting according to the design requirements, make the seam consistent with a rubber mallet to knock, and then to jointing. 7, tenon and mortise nest when installation should be consistent. Five, the acceptance standard 1, stone railings varieties, specifications, size is in line with customer design requirements. 2, column board, large column column, ground stone, handrails shall be strong, no loose. 3, armrest straight line without bending. 4, the rail surface colour and lustre is consistent, without noise, stain. 5, rail fracture phenomenon, no cracks, surface full no holes, missing Angle. White marble railings with congratulation state local white marble pillars, glossiness is as high as 95%, with cheap, economical and practical, excellent quality and reasonable price advantage. Especially the white solid surface sheets for sale natural marble comparable with white marble stone crafts.
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