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Baoxing jade stone factory to explain the difference between marble and ceramic tile

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-18
A, marble related knowledge introduction of marble is crustal rocks in the lithosphere forms through action of high temperature and high pressure inside the earth's crust of metamorphic rock, also known as marble, limestone is recrystallization, main component is CaCO3. Limestone softening under high temperature and high pressure, and changes in mineral crystallization marble again. general physical properties more soft, this is relative to the case of solid surface. In indoor decoration, television mesa, windowsill, indoor ground suit to use marble. Mainly used for processing into various shaped materials, plank, building metope, ground, table, column, is often used for monuments such as tablet, tower, statues and other materials. Can also be carved in marble arts and crafts, stationery, lamps and lanterns, utensils, and other practical works of art. Texture soft solemn, elegant style, is an ideal material, decorative luxury building and artistic carving of traditional materials. Second, the ceramic tile related knowledge introduction is a refractory metal oxides and metal oxide, through grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, the sintering process, and is one kind of acid and alkali resistant porcelain or stone construction or decoration materials, such as total is called ceramic tile. Its raw materials by the mixture of clay, quartz sand and so on. Mainly is the characteristic of energy saving, and beautify the ceramic tile, ceramic tile with a significant difference between the marble is the grain of the solid surface sheets is a natural formation so have flaws, floor tile is artificial each pattern design and color is the same! Above is baoxing jade stone manufacturers to introduce the first close knowledge of marble and ceramic tile, from which we learned about the differences of marble and ceramic tile, marble type has a lot of, also the kinds of ceramic tile is very much also, the key lies in how we choose, we hope our share to be of service. is known to all, but the types of marble? And how about generally see call marble, marble actually variety and diverse, concrete can be understood. Specific types are different, the price also is not the same. When consumer is buying to look for the specific type, don't say marble, general to avoid fall for it. Below as the baoxing jade stone factory from the nature, type and origin of these three aspects to explain it. White solid surface sheets stone, formerly known as well as jade. is the jade white small miscellaneous points or veins. The origin of Beijing, hubei, baoxing. Snow: formerly named Snow White. For white light gray stone, microtek has rules, there are more yellow 'miscellaneous points. Origin of shandong Ye County. Snow: stone is the gray have dizzy with dark gray color. The origin of Dali in yunnan province. Screw red: red, formerly known as the northeast end of stone is the color with red and grey thread, liaoning king county of origin. Black ink wall: formerly known as black jade, stone texture, mixed with a small amount of yellow deer producing area in hubei province. Post: ice and rock facies as gray uniform coarse grain. Hebei QuYang of origin. Huanghua yu: for pale yellow stone, have more rice yellow veins. Origin of hubei Yellowstone. Green jade, formerly known as the northeast of China. is the dark green or peak green and white flocculent relative permeability. Origin of liaoning lianshan. Choi wan, formerly known as cloud. to the bottom of the shallow green, deep green water relative permeability, with purple or veins. Deer producing area of hebei province. Variegated green: formerly laiyang green acrylic countertops is the gray cloth have a jungle green point spot, origin of shandong laiyang. Cloud grey: formerly known as white sesame seeds. is the light grey bottom half have smoke or cloud black ash, Beijing fang shan magmatic origin. Camel grey, formerly known as pork liver, stone is the soil background gray with dark yellow ochre light loose veins. The origin of suzhou, jiangsu province. Crack jade: formerly known as the Milky Way. is the light grey with red veins and green gray spots, origin of hubei daye. YiYeQing: stone between dark grey white leaf of a green background, have flake WenLv spot clouds. Origin Beijing well. Cx: formerly known as xuelang, stone with gray with black spots, origin of hebei iron mountain. Cloud: formerly known as Bai Yinshi, stone for stone yellow soil macular between bottom, there are dark yellow interveinal has black halo. Origin of Beijing shunyi. Greenish grey: formerly known as yellow douban, stone is the yellow grey in dark gray, white or yellow gravel spot between interlayer, origin of hebei province. Tiger stripes: formerly known as coffee, stone is the ochre cloth with meridian flow striate stone yellow, origin of jiangsu yixing. Grey topaz: for the dark grey stone, have red yellow and light grey context, origin of hubei daye. Peach: formerly known as QuYang red and roses, stone for the pink coarse grain, with black stripes or spots, hebei QuYang of origin. Red, purple thread: formerly known as anhui stone is the ash red bottom is full of red and grey thread, origin of anhui LingBi. Black starry night: formerly known as suzhou, stone has the aedes and phase is black, origin of suzhou. Spark: formerly known as ash. is the dark grey with red white veins, origin of hangzhou in zhejiang province. Above is common more than ten kinds of marble, marble tile, marble tile are common decoration materials, when the choose and buy should pay attention to is that you don't put the ceramic tile and marble to mix well. This is two different decorate material, everybody is when the choose and buy must pay attention to oh.
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