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Baoxing stone new fulcrum - — White marble stone culture industry base

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-17
Baoxing stone new fulcrum - — White marble stone culture industry base baoxing is worthy of the name of the country's 'stone of the township' and the nation's largest calcium carbonate raw material base. Baoxing white marble calcium carbonate content as high as 99. 99%, with the first white 'day' of reputation. Baoxing white marble reserves big, the quality of a material. Before the earthquake, ya bao xingxian year 5 million square meters of white marble, that alone accounts for more than 40% of the county finance income, 95% of the world come from this white marble. Baoxing jade stone manufacturer customers investment losses, white marble products out of stock in an all-round way. Now, ya baoxing white marble industry found a new fulcrum in the industrial reconstruction, treasure xingxian is through creating baoxing white marble stone culture industry base, the structure, the concept and development, fully activate the affected areas of the self hematopoietic function, yoann as the largest base of stone material to build up the strong role. 'According to plan, by 2015, baoxing stone culture industry base will increase by 100 mu QiBu District now scale to 300 acres. Enterprises more than 20 new acrylic countertops culture, new employees more than 1500 people; In industrial added value increased by more than 40%, achieve an annual output value of 200 million yuan, increase profits of 40 million yuan of above. 'Treasure xingxian hair change bureau deputy director said. Characteristic of stone material industry chain in the ancient city of panda baoxing, people everywhere white marble sculpture, white solid surface sheets railings, the figure of Buddha of white marble, white marble lions, big and small, white marble finishing shop, every family has a product, every household has distinguishing feature. material variety. Baoxing stone has a long history, known as the 'kingdom of stone,' said, outside the eastern white, white marble, local LangShi, painted pottery, stone, wulong flowers, smoky quartz, serpentine jade are the famous stone materials. According to treasure xingxian ling guan industrial clusters management committee director introduces, at present, baoxing proven 14, more than 60 mines a variety of mineral resources, reserves of 3 billion cubic meters of baoxing white marble, the purity was 98%, and the whiteness is greater than 94 degrees, with 'the day the first white' reputation. White marble acrylic countertops, baoxing jade stone, eastern white stone and slowly rebuild. Now, baoxing has formed a mining, plate processing, the botanical garden sculpture, stone carving tourism products and calcium carbonate processing industry and other special stone material industrial chain.
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