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Bathroom buying guide: fashion and practicality are the last word

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-28

Bathroom commonly known as toilet, is a space and supplies for daily sanitation activities such as defecation, bathing, and toileting of residents. Compared with the previous bathrooms with simple functions and monotonous colors, today's bathrooms have developed more and more fashionable and smart, sanitary ware has gradually gotten rid of the previous stable and deep style, and gradually entered the stage of bright, bright and fashionable appearance. The concept of bathroom is also constantly improving, and it has gradually evolved from functional and practical to a multi-functional bathroom that is stylish, beautiful, and generous and leisure. At present, there are many sanitary ware brands to choose from on the market. There are no less than a dozen sanitary ware brands with a certain reputation, plus some local sanitary ware enterprises, the average consumer can face hundreds of choices. In fact, professionals believe that no matter how many brands there are and no matter how high the design requirements are, they can choose more suitable bathroom products according to the requirements of fashion and practicality. Water-saving performance, environmentally friendly materials, beautiful appearance design, various styles to choose from, high visual effects, perfect and thoughtful product services, etc., are all indispensable factors for fashion and practicality. The Youjiu team focuses on the perfect combination of quality and function, art and taste, promotes exquisite craftsmanship, integrates newer technologies, and maintains product quality and superior performance. Rigorous and accurate production and multiple levels of supervision ensure that every product that leaves the factory has superior quality. In addition, based on ergonomic principles, we design extremely user-friendly products, and continue to introduce new styles to meet various personalized needs. Continuing the quality pursuit of Feifei Industry, Youjiu Sanitary Ware products have gradually become the best choice for public facilities and home decoration, and the product quality and style have won an excellent reputation. From the perspective of materials, we also strive to be environmentally friendly in terms of materials used, fully complying with the certification standards for green building products and water-saving products. From the perspective of water-saving performance, the award-winning sanitary ware starts from the gold product standard, and adopts a number of technologies in the product design to achieve the indicators of saving water consumption and reducing sewage discharge. Youjiu Sanitary Ware adheres to the attitude that determines life. Youjiu life starts its business philosophy from attitude, and adheres to the nine life attitudes of Youjiu: excellent quality, beautiful design, green environmental protection, rationalization of space, personalized collocation, diverse choices, smiling and caring, Patient listening, sincere dedication, to create a comfortable, practical, sunny and healthy home furnishing product integrated into modern life, which has won the praise of the industry and the trust of customers.

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