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Bathroom cabinet maintenance should pay attention to dry and wet separation-bathroom cabinet, maintenance, dry and wet separation

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-24

In May last year, Ms. Huang's family bought a high-grade solid wood bathroom cabinet. When she bought it, the salesperson told her that it would not be moldy or deformed. However, after using it for a year, Ms. Huang still found that the inner wall of the bathroom cabinet was black. Moldy, and the bathroom smelled of rot. Yesterday, Miss Huang called the media to inquire about how to maintain the bathroom cabinet to avoid mold and prolong the service life of the bathroom cabinet. Q: How can we prevent the inner wall of solid wood bathroom cabinets from getting moldy? A: The bathroom is a space with rapid changes in dry and wet conditions. If the material of the bathroom cabinet is not waterproof and anti-corrosion performance is not good, it is easy to mold or deform the material in the bathroom with more moisture. Ms. Chen is in charge of selling a certain brand of bathroom cabinets in China Ceramic City. She told reporters that customers who buy bathroom cabinets are very worried about whether it will become moldy and deformed, but as long as they are properly maintained, this situation can be avoided. He reminded that the bathroom should be kept as far as possible. Ventilate to allow moisture to evaporate in time. In addition, try to keep the dry and wet separation of the space to prevent water droplets or moisture from staying on the bathroom cabinet for a long time. If the bathroom space is large enough, the bathroom cabinet should be separated from the functional space of the shower. If the bathroom space is small, the cabinet should be wiped clean with a soft cloth in time after the shower, and a moisture absorber can be placed in the cabinet. In addition, if the bathroom cabinet has a direct contact area with the ground, it can be separated by thin film, and the cabinet should not be in direct contact with the bathroom wall, and the distance is about 1~2cm. Q: Is it better to put the bathroom cabinet in a place where the sun can shine by the window to keep the cabinet dry? A: In response to Ms. Huang's question, Ms. Chen believes that the bathroom cabinet is generally placed together with the mirror. The location also depends on the lighting conditions of the space. In addition, the bathroom cabinet should avoid direct sunlight to prevent the material from drying and cracking, or the surface paint film will fade. Q: What should I pay attention to when cleaning the bathroom cabinet? A: If the main material of the bathroom cabinet at home is solid wood, you can use a soft cloth to dip some detergent (avoid using strong acid and alkali), and wipe along the wood texture. Do not wipe with a dry cloth to avoid scratching the bathroom cabinet. Regular waxing: every 6-12 months, apply a layer of wax to the bathroom cabinet with cream wax. Before waxing, the old wax should be wiped off with mild, non-alkaline soapy water. Q: What should I do if there are cracks in the bathroom cabinet? A: You can choose the paint and pigment that is consistent with the cabinet body color and embed the cracks after stirring to prevent the cracks from getting bigger and bigger. Q: Once my father put a cigarette butt on the cabinet, and later found scorch marks left on the cabinet, how to remove it? Rub it off, then apply a thin coat of vinegar to get rid of the scorch marks. If it is scratched by hard objects, but the wood under the paint has not been damaged, you can choose the same paint or crayon as the cabinet, apply the scratches, and then apply a layer of transparent nail polish or wax oil.

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