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Bathroom Cabinet Purchase Matters-Bathroom Cabinets, Bathroom Products

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-06

Choose the right material In the process of choosing a bathroom cabinet, you must choose a bathroom cabinet with high cost performance in combination with the style of your own family. At present, PVC cabinets and solid wood cabinets are mostly used on the market. PVC cabinets are simple, clean and more environmentally friendly in the process of use; they are more anti-corrosion than solid wood cabinets; natural marble countertops are brittle and will have certain radiation; artificial marble, not very wear-resistant . Check whether the bathroom cabinet has peculiar smell. When choosing a bathroom cabinet, be sure to open the door panel and smell it to see if there is a smell of formaldehyde inside. A better bathroom cabinet is basically waterproof and anti-fouling, especially during long-term use. In some physical stores, the storage of goldfish will be used to test whether the bathroom cabinet is environmentally friendly. Also check the inside of the drawer for roughness. Choose a mirror with a clear image Generally speaking, in the purchase of the entire bathroom cabinet, the proportion of the mirror accounts for about 20%, but consumers rarely consider it in the selection process. The mirror of the bathroom cabinet requires a clear image. After washing with hot water, the fog on the mirror surface is easy to clean and the emission time is short. A good mirror consists of several parts that are edged with clean water and treated with mercury on the back. Shower: Pay attention to checking the flushing function and the adjustment function, and choose a softer silica gel, which will not block water during use, and the water discharge effect is relatively average and soft. . Observe the spray function of the shower head, whether the water outlet function can be adjusted, and try to avoid buying pure copper shower heads as much as possible. When purchasing, also pay attention to the water pressure used by the family. It is recommended that sensitive showers with thin pipes can be used on high floors.

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