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Bathroom cabinets are popular in bathrooms, remember to choose 3 elements-bathroom cabinet, bathroom, selection

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-15

Just like the whole cabinet is in the kitchen, the bathroom cabinet has also become popular in the bathroom. It is integrated with the basin, which can store various toiletries, cosmetics, and even some clothes, etc. It is a good helper for bathroom storage. Today, I will introduce to you some things that need to be paid attention to when choosing and installing bathroom cabinets, so that you can rely on them. Selection: Three elements to keep in mind Reporters also saw a wide variety of bathroom cabinets in major home furnishing stores. In terms of structure, bathroom cabinets can be divided into two categories: wall-mounted and floor-standing. The wall-mounted type means that the main cabinet is completely separated from the ground and hung on the wall. Because it is separated from the ground, it can play a good zoning role. And the main body stands on the ground is the floor type. From the material point of view, bathroom cabinets are divided into solid wood, PVC, stainless steel and other categories. According to Yang Jie, deputy general manager, the price of PVC bathroom cabinets is relatively low, and the material is waterproof. The main part of the solid wood bathroom cabinet is solid wood. The surface of the solid wood cabinet is generally painted with 7 to 10 layers of paint, so that the surface water absorption rate is reduced to less than 5%. Therefore, the bathroom cabinet made of solid wood is not easy to deform due to moisture. In terms of price, PVC and stainless steel bathroom cabinets are relatively cheap, while solid wood is more expensive, and the price is generally more than 1,000 yuan. According to the bathroom sales staff, when choosing, you must also carefully check whether the wood grain of the cabinet is uniform, whether the color of the surface paint is fine, and whether there is any odor in the locker by smelling it. These are the criteria for distinguishing the quality of the bathroom cabinet. . Installation: Skills are very important Bathroom cabinets are not only crucial in selection, but also very knowledgeable in installation. According to the bathroom sales specialist, when installing a hanging bathroom cabinet, you must choose a load-bearing wall for hanging. If you install a floor-standing bathroom cabinet, try to lean against the outer panel when installing the cabinet feet to balance the force of the cabinet. When placing, it depends on whether the four cabinet feet are stable. In addition, Zhang Kai, a salesperson, introduced that after the bathroom cabinet is installed, be sure to check whether the paint has fallen off, and whether the mirror and cabinet are installed level.

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