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bathroom cleaning tips: how to clean cultured marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-04-07
Marble dust and strong polyester resin are the main materials for making cultured marble, which is stronger than ordinary marble and is usually used on the surface of the bathroom.
They are also used in bathroom products around the bathtub, shower basin, vanity and shower.
Although these marbles are hard and strong, they still need proper maintenance for many years.
They are not difficult to clean;
However, there is something to do and not to do when cleaning them up.
Improper cleaning of artificial marble can damage it, especially its gel coating, giving these products a shiny surface.
To keep them clean and stain-free at all times, they must be cleaned regularly.
Prevent the formation of water stains by squeezing the water at the bottom of the shower and in the surrounding area.
For water stains that are difficult to remove, spray vinegar on its surface and place it for 30 minutes.
Clean the surface with water and dry it with a soft cloth.
Avoid using warm water on top.
Do not use rough cleaners such as steel wool, scrub sponges and panning powder when cleaning cultured marble, as they scratch the marble surface.
In addition to scratching the marble surface, it can also damage the sealing of the surface.
Instead, use mild soap or all
Clean daily.
Avoid using cleaners with harsh chemicals and never clean the marble without first moistening the marble.
It is best to use the sprayer to apply the cleaner to the marble and wipe it with a soft cloth.
In some cases, the stain is difficult to remove, so you need a more severe cleaner.
In these cases, you can use a modified alcohol, pine or paint thinner.
To ensure that the product does not damage the marble, Please test it in a small area first.
Marble floors and countertops also need to be waxed once in a while to maintain their gloss and gloss.
When polishing, table wax and car wax can be used.
You can also polish with silicone and water.
Keep in mind that they are prone to holes and scratches, so be sure to follow the precautions and avoid dropping heavy objects on them.
It can be used for many years if your faux marble is properly maintained.
Proper cleaning plays a vital role in their day-to-day care and maintenance, and you can make it effective by trying the simple techniques mentioned above.
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