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Bathroom cleanliness to stay healthy - bathroom, cleanliness

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-10

Towels, whether face towel, bath towel or hand towel, are often in contact with sebum, and they are relatively damp after use, which is more likely to breed bacteria, so they should be washed frequently, disinfected with dew, and then dried in sufficient sunlight. But it is also easy to be polluted twice during washing, so the better way is to throw it away. Although there are many thick and fluffy trendy towels on the market, the thin and soft towel are also good, cheap and easy to dry after use. Wipe the table, wipe the table, wipe the floor, and throw away the floor. In this way, a towel can be used for 3 or 4 months, which is neither wasted nor expensive. The cleaning brush of the toilet is usually contaminated with bacteria. You can choose the one with an opening and closing base that can automatically close the mouth, so that the cleaning brush is sealed after use, and the bacteria are not easy to spread into the air. For wiping the toilet seat, it is not necessary to use a rag, but to use a disinfectant wet paper towel. After wiping, it is put into the toilet and flushed away. The shower curtain in the bathroom is more prone to mold, and an exhaust fan is generally installed during decoration. However, compared with exhaust fans, dehumidifiers are more effective. They can dry the moisture in a while after bathing, and they are small in size and can be moved to other rooms for use, and they are also very convenient to store. In the bathroom, there are many bottles and jars, shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, and cosmetics. Different people have different hair and skin types, and they form their own set. When the husband and children are used up, most of them like to put them away. But isn't humidity the source of bacteria? I will forget what I taught in the past, but now I have a long memory. After using it, wipe it dry and put it in the cupboard. Now the windowsills and countertops in the bathroom are clean, and the housewives have arranged crafts and photos there, and the bathroom is more beautiful.

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