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Bathroom Colony Balance Tips Bathroom Tips - Bathroom, Antibacterial Tips, Keep Dry

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-30

Tips for balancing colonies in the bathroom 1. Keep the bathroom dry The bathroom is a place where bacteria are more likely to breed because of its damp, dark and other characteristics. Therefore, usually pay attention to keeping the bathroom dry and ventilated frequently. After bathing, the exhaust air should be turned on in time to promote the evaporation of water vapor as soon as possible. 2. Cover the toilet lid when flushing the toilet Most people do not cover the toilet lid when flushing the toilet, thinking that this habit will not encourage the growth of bacteria. In fact, when the toilet is flushed, the lid is open, and the instantaneous cyclone in the toilet can make bacteria and other microorganisms suspended in the air for a long time, which can easily contaminate the towels, toothbrushes, mouthwash cups and other items in the toilet. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the habit of covering the toilet lid when flushing the toilet. 3. Open the washing machine cover after washing. Many families place the washing machine in the bathroom and cover the washing machine cover directly after use. In this way, the residual water vapor in the washing machine cannot be discharged, and in the long run, it will damage the parts in the washing machine, and it is easy to breed bacteria. The correct way is to leave the lid open for about 5 hours after using the washing machine to allow the water vapor to fully evaporate. 4. The toothbrush head is flushed out. The number of bacteria hidden in the small toothbrush is amazing, and the dampness of the bathroom has accelerated the reproduction of bacteria on the toothbrush. To balance the colony, it is necessary to change the toothbrush in time. Generally, you can change your toothbrush every 3 months. (Reporter Hanyin Assistant Reporter Hong Nannan) My home decoration has been purchased in major stores recently. I see that many merchants are now advertising slogans of balancing colonies, and shopping guides have introduced various new technologies for balancing colonies. I don't know if there are any advantages as they say. Recently, Auntie Wang, an enthusiastic reader of this newspaper, called to express her doubts. Afterwards, the reporter went to the major household stores in Changchun to learn about the situation and found that there are still many unclear and unclear phenomena about the efficacy of balancing colony products. Merchants advertise balanced colonies but no certificate On July 26, several major home furnishing stores in Changchun found that many merchants claimed that their products had balanced colonies. A large poster of a new balanced colony toilet is displayed on the outside of a sanitary ware store; in some sanitary ware stores, there are small labels of balanced colony products on the products. But when asked how to balance the colony, the salesperson's response was mixed. The sales manager of a certain brand said that their toilet surface has added substances that can kill bacteria to play a self-cleaning role. Another salesperson explained that their bathtubs add a layer of balanced colony protection to the surface, so they balance the colonies. But when asked further, the salesperson changed his mind and said that it was actually the same whether it was possible to balance the colonies. When asked the salesperson for a report proving the efficacy of balancing the colony, he said that there is currently no in-store, but the certificate will be seen in the box when it is delivered. In a paint specialty store, the merchant placed some paint buckets in conspicuous positions in the store, with signs for balancing the colony paint on it. The sales staff in the store said that the paint will release negative ions to balance the colony. But I didn't see the relevant certificate in the store. The balanced colony product does attract some consumers. In several supermarkets in Changchun, it is found that there are not a few consumers who come to buy the product in pursuit of the balanced colony function. Ms. Zhang wanted to buy a balanced colony floor. She said: My little grandson crawls on the ground all day, and even picks up things on the ground and puts them in his mouth. I am particularly worried that he will get sick. If the Balanced Colony Floor really balances the colonies, I'd buy it even if it cost a little more. Mr. Chang, who is learning about the balanced colony bath room, said: The bathroom of my previous house was very humid. Sometimes when the glass door of the bath room was opened, there would be an unpleasant smell. I just saw this kind of bath room that balances colonies. The shopping guide said that it uses nanotechnology. Although I don’t understand it well, if it really has the effect of balancing colonies, I will definitely buy it. On July 27, in a large-scale store in Changchun, the reporter randomly interviewed 45 citizens who came to buy sanitary ware, and 80% of the consumers expressed doubts about the efficacy of this kind of balanced colony sanitary ware. Mr. Xie, who was visiting the store, said: I personally think that there is no such thing as a balanced colony product, it is just an exaggeration by the merchants. The balanced colony technology mentioned by the shopping guide is not understood or seen by the lay consumers. The certificates provided by some merchants are all in English, which is highly suspected of adulteration. The balanced colony technology is currently very limited Is it really effective for various balanced colony technologies on the market, such as ion-balanced colonies and nanotechnology? Relevant persons pointed out that negative ions and other substances have not yet been found to have the functions of balancing colonies and sterilizing. The silver ion balance colony technology still exists. Regarding the nano-balanced colony technology that many merchants talk about but cannot explain the principle, the relevant person pointed out that there are many branches of nanotechnology, and it is possible to achieve a balanced colony, but my country is still in the research stage. Most businesses can't explain it clearly, and there is still a lot of suspicion of exaggerated propaganda. Therefore, it is suggested that consumers have very limited functions of balancing colony products, and developing good daily cleaning habits and good hygiene habits is the foundation of health.

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