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Bathroom Design 6 Big Bathroom Storage Coup Collection-bathroom design, bathroom, storage coup

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-10

When decorating the wall of the bathroom space, the possible storage function of the wall must be fully considered. If there are too many items in the bathroom, you might as well use a built-in storage cabinet, which can not only design a larger storage area, but also avoid the clutter common in small bathrooms, making up for the lack of small space.

The slender pull basket is a master of storage in the abnormal space, but the thin and light body contains many daily necessities at the same time. The design and utilization of the waterproof sheet effectively excludes the moisture in the bathroom space, and you can safely place electrical products such as hair dryers and curling irons in it. In the bathroom, a lot of space has been neglected, for example, the space behind the bathroom cabinet door can also be well used. Two wooden storage racks are added behind the cabinet door to store toiletries. In this way, the facade space is very tidy, and it is more convenient to use. The flat-shaped towel rack can be flexibly applied to the gaps in the bathroom, and the multi-lever design makes it not an ordinary person. Four to five towels can be placed at one time, suitable for an ordinary family of three. The wall above the washbasin is a good storage space. In addition to installing towel racks, there are also some items that can also be stored in the wall space, such as a shelf integrated with a partition and a hanging rod, which can store cosmetics, toilet paper, hair dryers, etc. Please go to the wall. It is suitable for storing bathroom cleaning supplies, and there are many options for installation, whether it is on the wall, behind the door, or behind the door of the storage wall cabinet, adding more storage space to the furniture. These appliances are arranged in order, neat and easy to use.

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