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Bathroom: Healthy bathroom has nothing to do with technology-Healthy bathroom has nothing to do with technology

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-30

Today, people pay more and more attention to physical health, and room health has also begun to receive attention. As a part of the living room, the bathroom has become a space for people to relax and release stress. With the continuous refinement of the functions of bathroom products, the bathroom naturally becomes an ideal base for protecting health. The health of bathroom life is not only related to the technological content of various sanitary ware, but also to the reasonable creation of bathroom environment. Space layout The design of bathroom space layout is the first step to create a healthy bathroom life. The bathroom is a relatively small space in the living room. Through reasonable layout and exquisite design, the bathroom can not only make people easy to use, but also make people feel comfortable. In the smaller bathrooms, the layout is relatively limited, and most of them can only accommodate three main sanitary facilities: basins, toilets, and bathing equipment. The basic layout method is to set from low to high, that is, starting from the bathroom door and gradually deepening. Among them, the ideal layout is that the washbasin is facing the bathroom door, and the toilet is close to its side, and the bathing facilities are arranged at the inner end. This is more scientific in terms of use, function and aesthetics. The design of the washbasin is determined by the size of the bathroom, and the design of the washbasin area is the main body of a bathroom. Never set up a wide washbasin, which will only cause trouble for future cleaning and maintenance. The width of the reserved toilet is not less than 0.75 meters. Bath amenities can be selected according to the specific bathroom environment and personal preferences. For medium or large bathrooms, the space layout has a certain flexibility. In a medium-sized bathroom, the bathroom can be separated into two parts, dry and wet separation or bath separation. Wet and dry separation refers to separating the toilet and placing the basin and bathing facilities in one area. Bath separation means that the basin is separated, and the toilet and bathing facilities are in the same area. Of course, the specific separation method should be selected according to the actual situation of the house. However, due to the large area of u200bu200blarge bathrooms, more personalized designs can be added in the use of space, so they are different and different. Wet and Dry Partitions After taking a hot shower and walking out of the bathroom comfortably, the next person who goes in usually feels uncomfortable with the heat and humidity, and the wet floor. Humidity is not only uncomfortable, it is also a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, for a healthy bathroom, it is necessary to create wet and dry partitions. There are several ways to divide wet and dry. The simpler method is to install a shower room to separate the bath separately, which can effectively avoid water splash and water vapor diffusion. The shower room is usually set in the corner inside the bathroom to keep the outside area dry. There are various types of shower rooms, and the plane shapes are square, rectangular, fan-shaped, diamond-shaped, etc. If a bathtub is installed, glass partitions or glass sliding doors can be used, and shower curtains can also be installed to block water splashes. This method is relatively simple and economical, and different styles and patterns of shower curtains will add mood to the bathroom. If the bathroom space is large, with an area of u200bu200babout 10 square meters, when designing the dry and wet partitions, the bathroom furniture and dressing room can also be designed into the bathroom. This side is the storage area for clothes and makeup, and the other side is the washing and bathing area. ; If the space is about 5 square meters, such a space can be used to separate the toilet from the bathtub with glass or other materials. This side is convenient for use, and the other side is a separate space for bathing. Ventilation and lighting Moisture is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. To completely eliminate the way of bacteria, it is necessary to keep the bathroom dry and ventilated at all times. Natural lighting and ventilation, on the other hand, are the best choice for a healthy bathroom, because sunlight is a better dehumidifier. The bathroom is better to have windows, which not only have natural light, but also have good ventilation. The size of the windows is better to open to 1.5 meters high. It feels better that way. Now, most of the bathrooms in the family are dark toilets, which requires good use of lighting and exhaust equipment. Good ventilation has certain design requirements for the placement of air inlets and air outlets. The air outlet is usually an exhaust fan or a window. The air inlet can be the air inlet louver on the bathroom door or the opening of the bathroom door. A standard bathroom requires an exhaust fan, located near an air vent or on a window, so that the stagnant, moist air in the room is directly exhausted. The key to bathroom lighting is that the arrangement of lamps can fully illuminate the entire bathroom, and the mirror will not be dazzling. Generally, only one set of main light sources is required, which is installed above the mirror. For other lighting processing, indirect light sources or built-in light sources are preferred.

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