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Bathroom integrated ceiling flawless solution-bathroom, integrated ceiling, perfect solution

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-09

1. Clarify the location The design drawing is compared with the on-site situation, and the specific location of the electrical appliances and the keel is clarified. Determine the installation height of the ceiling, Yuba generally can play a greater role in the range of 2.1m-2.3m. Second, ensure the level After the height is clear, make the horizontal installation angle. Fix the corner lines with screws or glue (to prevent the tiles from being damaged), and the diagonal corners of the corners should be neatly collaged without leaving obvious gaps. 3. Drilling positioning After the keel position is determined, use the impact drill to drill the hole. Cut and assemble boom screws to specific lengths. The boom screws are fastened in the drilled holes. This link can be performed at the same time as the previous step. Fourth, install the keel Install the main keel on the fixing ring under the boom screw, and fix the triangular keel on the main keel. Adjust properly after installation, and gradually tighten the screws at the connection to ensure straightness. Five, ceiling rack There are two installation methods for the square aluminum gusset ceiling: edge installation, middle installation, depending on the specific situation. It is very important to install the front board, it determines the position and level of the other boards. 6. Combined electrical appliances According to the requirements of combined electrical appliances, the installation of the fixing frame should be firm. It is better to purchase gussets and electrical appliances for integrated ceilings, so as to meet the requirements of size and load-bearing, and it is not easy to cause accidents. 7. Install electrical appliances Installers should have a professional electrician qualification certificate, and the exposed wires should be well protected. Connect the electrical appliances and buttons, and do the power-on test. After installation, use a leather hammer to make adjustments without leaving any gaps. Eighth, adjust the capping The corner gussets are difficult to install, so it is better to remove a complete gusset that has been installed next to it when installing the latter gusset. Install it after adjusting all around to the best condition.

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