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Bathroom layout showing high temperament-noble temperament, bathroom, layout

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-16

The one-piece marble sink, in a seamless form, highlights the high-level temperament of the space. The slender metal frame supports, and the lustre that marble brings to marble. The vanity mirror full of artistic sense, the bathroom also needs artistic decoration.

The glittering walls and the equally dazzling, slightly yellowed lights are even more rich and gorgeous, creating a life like a high-class crowd . No matter how small the space is, it doesn't matter, what we want is this attitude to life. The furniture made of old wood is placed in front of the clean wall of solid color, presenting a unique picture. The small vanity provides a lot of storage space. A crowded cluster of roses framed a sweet rainbow along with the brightly colored bars on the walls. The color combination of white and gray and the texture of the stone have a nostalgic retro feel. When a separate bathtub is placed in it, it will not occupy too much space, and it will become the perfect decoration of the space, and you can also enjoy a comfortable bathroom. The stainless steel bathtub makes your bathroom stand out. The luster of the metal brings a high degree of reflection, and the crystal clear space makes the bathroom dazzling. Are you still choosing a ceramic bathtub with a traditional perspective? Then you are out. A unique bathtub will make your bathroom space interesting. The modern design of the wooden bathtub, the combination of nature and technology, gives you More bathing enjoyment. Designers have not only pursued simple changes, but also integrated more artistic temperament. Combining the principles of geometry with the art of sculpture, it brings a peculiar visual effect. Do you feel nervous that it is about to slip? Taking advantage of the width of the bathroom, the bathtub is embedded in it, and the surrounding is decorated with mosaic tiles, with a sense of transformation. Add a shielding glass next to the shower head, so that the water splashes in the shower, it will not be messy everywhere, and it has the effect of a shower room.

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