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Bathroom maintenance: the unfamiliar beauty of the bathtub-bathtub maintenance, beauty treatment

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-15

At present, the bathtubs on the market are mainly made of acrylic, steel plate and cast iron. The cast iron bathtub is durable, high gloss, and has good acid and alkali resistance, but due to the limitations of materials and processes, the style is relatively small, bulky, and difficult to handle and install; the steel bathtub is wear-resistant, smooth surface, easy to clean, but not resistant to impact , Generally, the thermal insulation is not very good; the acrylic bathtub can have many shapes, good thermal insulation effect, easy to clean, and moderate price, but because the surface hardness is lower than that of cast iron and steel plate cylinders, the surface is prone to scratches. However, the imported high-brightness and high-quality acrylic sheet for bathroom has overcome some of the shortcomings of acrylic to a certain extent. The surface of the reliable brand acrylic bathtub is specially treated, which is stronger than the general acrylic bathtub. In case of accidental scratches on the surface, if the scratches are light, you can use toothpaste and a toothbrush to brush lightly; if the scratches are deep, it is recommended to seek professional advice and professional maintenance personnel to deal with it. Pay attention to the maintenance of the bathtub, which can prolong the life of the bathtub and maintain a bright appearance: clean the bathtub every week to ensure that the bathtub is kept dry after each use; use a neutral liquid detergent and a soft cloth or a good sponge to clean the bathtub, avoid Use cleaning products that contain abrasives, strong acids or alkalis; do not leave metal objects in the tub, they can rust the tub and stain the surface. Also, using baking soda to get rid of grime works well. If the surface of the bathtub is seriously scratched, it is recommended that customers renovate through the following ways: The polishing of the bathtub is a very professional thing. maintainance. Bathtub polishing process: Choose different numbers of sandpapers (such as 800#, 1000#, 1500#, etc.) according to the degree of scratching. The number of sandpaper used in the last pass is generally 1500# or 2000#. All sanding processes require water, that is, water grinding. And the direction of the grinding process is also required. The last polishing uses a special wool polishing wheel plus a special polishing agent.

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