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Bathroom mirror 'aluminum instead of silver' has become an unspoken rule-bathroom mirror, 'aluminum instead of silver'

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-15

The shiny bathroom mirror will not look good after half a year. At present, bathroom cabinets have become the standard for bathroom decoration, but some small and medium-sized brands have replaced the silver coating with aluminum in order to save costs, resulting in the mirror becoming dark and moldy after a period of use. At the beginning of the year, Mr. Gu, a citizen, spent about 1,500 yuan to buy a bathroom cabinet. After using it for less than a year, Mr. Chen found that the mirror attached to the bathroom cabinet seemed to have turned black, and the back coating of the edge was damaged. A few black moldy spots. Mr. Gu found the business, but the sales staff denied it, insisting that Mr. Gu's bathroom was not well ventilated and the moisture was high, and the mirror was corroded. This made Mr. Gu very angry: the bathroom at home is only used more in summer, and the bathroom is far away from the mirror, and there is exhaust air, so there is no problem of heavy moisture! The reporter visited the market yesterday and found that bathroom cabinets have become the mainstream of bathrooms at present, but most consumers only pay attention to factors such as style, material, color, price, etc. when purchasing, but few people pay attention to matching mirrors. Merchants rarely mention it actively during publicity. They either say that they are all the same, and there is no difference, or they say that they are silver mirrors, and some even say that they are three-layer silver-plated. However, in the sales area of u200bu200bmirrors and glass products, the reporter found that the price difference of mirrors is very large, and the price of cheap mirrors is less than 100 yuan per square meter, while the price of a three-layer silver-coated anti-fog mirror reaches 500 yuan per square meter. A professional mirror seller revealed such a secret: where do so many silver mirrors come from, many of them are aluminum mirrors. He introduced that normal mirrors use silver as the back coating, while aluminum mirrors use metal aluminum. The difference between the two is that in terms of brightness, the refraction performance of silver mirrors is better than that of aluminum mirrors; the second is that in terms of moisture resistance, silver mirrors are moisture-proof, while aluminum mirrors have poor moisture resistance. However, because of the large price difference between the two, some manufacturers and merchants have played the trick of replacing silver with aluminum. How to identify aluminum mirror and silver mirror? According to professionals, you can gently scrape off the paint behind the mirror. The silver mirror is copper-colored because of the copper protective layer, but the aluminum mirror is white. If you buy a complete set of bathroom cabinets, try to buy products from reliable brands, which will be relatively more secure. In addition, merchants can be required to mark the purchase certificate as a silver mirror, which is convenient for future rights protection.

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