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Bathroom moisture-proof strategy: just 4 tricks to get it done-bathroom moisture-proof, bathroom design

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-09

The choice of the board is the key. The cabinet board accounts for a large part of the bathroom furniture. If you want to choose a good bathroom furniture, the main material should not be sloppy. It must be proved by immersion experiments whether it is a good material for waterproof and moisture-proof. Back protection is very important In the process of choosing bathroom furniture, consumers are more likely to be confused by their own appearance, while the attention to the details of the back is very low, resulting in a short service life of the furniture, and it is easy to have quality problems. In real life, it is impossible to completely remove the ubiquitous water droplets and moisture after bathing every time, and even wipe clean the hard-to-reach parts hidden behind the furniture. The use of double decorative veneer back panel can prevent the MDF substrate from being exposed. With this layer of protection, water will no longer enter the panel from the back of the cabinet. The installation process must be in place. When installing the bathroom cabinet, it is often necessary to cut holes in the box body plate, and the condensed water flowing down the water pipe can easily penetrate into the box body from the cutting edge of the plate, causing the box body to be deformed by moisture. The multi-functional edge sealing strip can tightly wrap the cutting edge of the board and play a better role in waterproof and moisture-proof. The interior space cannot be ignored. After a period of use of general bathroom furniture, the bottom plate under the sink cabinet begins to deform. The reason is that the water pipes hidden in the cabinet are not taken seriously, and the condensed water flowing down the water pipes is not like the water droplets on the countertop. It is noticeable that the water left on the bottom of the cabinet keeps soaking the furniture. The waterproof aluminum bottom plate with anti-collision strips can not only prevent the sink and dripping condensed water from soaking the box, but also the special anti-collision strips can eliminate the closing noise.

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