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Bathroom storage mainstream tricks Fashion bathroom cabinet purchase method - countertops, bathroom cabinets, bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-19

The storage in the bathroom is very important. If the things in the bathroom are placed randomly, it will appear cluttered and the space will become smaller. Then a good bathroom cabinet will solve this problem, and the choice of bathroom cabinet has become a key link. How should bathroom cabinets be purchased? 1. The main material of the cabinet is selected. and MDF, etc. The less suitable is MDF, because MDF is pressed from wood scraps, and its moisture-proof ability is weak, and it is easy to mold, deform and peel when exposed to humid air for a long time. The second is PVC sheet, the water resistance is undeniable, because PVC sheet has a lot of plastic components, its environmental protection and high temperature resistance (heating) ability is greatly reduced. With solid wood as the base material, it depends on the surface treatment process of the wood. Since wood is a natural material, there is no need to say more about environmental protection. The surface has a wood lacquer surface to resist the invasion of temperature, humidity and ultraviolet rays, ensuring that the substrate is used in the bathroom for a long time without cracking and deformation. To sum up, the material of the cabinet is basically solid wood. Because the price of solid wood panels is slightly expensive, the price of solid wood cabinets on the market is higher than other panels. However, considering the difference in durability, I recommend that you choose solid wood as the main material of the bathroom cabinet. 2. Selection of countertops Bathroom countertops are generally made of marble, artificial stone (pressed particles), glass, ceramics, etc. Marble patterns are diverse and there are many varieties. Advanced decoration is inseparable from the foil of marble, and of course the price is not low. Disadvantages: high water absorption, and prone to cracks, the biggest disadvantage is the single shape (because it is easy to break). The artificial stone countertop overcomes all the shortcomings of marble. There are many kinds of flower samples, and the price is very suitable. Disadvantages: Due to the large amount of compressed granular materials (plastic components), the hardness is slightly worse (easy to be scratched), and long-term high temperature is easy to cause deformation.

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