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Bathroom waterproof small details can not be ignored-bathroom, waterproof

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-30

As the saying goes, slow work and meticulous work, the small details of waterproof construction cannot be ignored, and some details of waterproof construction cannot be ignored in order to catch up with the project. In order to create a refreshing home, you should pay more attention to the details of waterproof construction. The foundation of waterproof construction: do a good job of basic treatment Before waterproof construction, the basic treatment of the wall should be done well, and it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the basic layer is solid, without chalking, peeling, bulging and other phenomena. At the same time, the surface of the base layer must be clean and free of any debris and stains that affect the adhesion of the paint, such as dust and film release agents. And the surface of the base layer should be smooth, without major defects and obvious patch marks. The treatment method is generally to carefully clean the base surface to remove floating dust, and remove cement agglomeration and loose base; special treatment should be carried out on pipe roots, drainage holes, yin and yang corners, and voids left by the wall after water and electricity renovation, and the yin and yang corners should be wiped. Into a circular arc (or V shape). After the treatment, use a brush to sweep the base surface to leave dust, take an appropriate amount of waterproof paint and dilute it to a milky state, dip the diluted material with a roller from the bottom to the top, and paint the waterproof surface after the wall to achieve complete dust removal. Standardization of waterproof construction: Standardize construction and do a good job of waterproofing. Generally, the height of waterproofing can be determined according to needs. Generally speaking, the waterproof height of bathroom is 180 cm, and the waterproof coating of non-shower wall should not be less than 35 cm in principle. However, in order to strengthen the waterproof effect, it is recommended to achieve a uniform height of 180 cm. In addition, for the light body wall and self-built light body wall renovated in the toilet and bathroom, it is recommended that the waterproof height be at the top. The waterproof paint must be brushed to a thickness of 1.5 mm according to the national acceptance specification. The construction methods of different waterproof coatings are not the same. However, when painting, it is similar to the general liquid paint, from bottom to top, first to the wall and then to the wall. When using, if there are bubbles in the slurry, the bubbles need to be brushed away, and there should be no bubbles. The first pass only needs to be painted in one direction, and the second pass needs to be painted in the opposite direction. The interval between the first coat and the second coat is preferably about 4-8 hours. Waterproof construction depends on the craftsmanship: how to paint the construction. After the basic treatment is done, the waterproof coating should be applied. Special attention should be paid to the integration of waterproof painting. For the buried water pipes in the wall, grooves and grooves larger than the pipe diameter should be chiseled. The interior is plastered and brushed with a waterproof coating. If the original drainage and sewage pipes and floor drains are changed during decoration, waterproof measures must be strengthened around the area. To ensure that the home is not wet, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the construction details, but also to the inspection of waterproof construction, in case the use of inferior waterproof materials, or encounter with untrained construction personnel, the waterproof and leak-proof effect of the house cannot be guaranteed. Inspection of waterproof construction quality: closed water test is an important part of waterproof inspection. For the original waterproof layer, through closed water test, you can know whether the waterproof layer is in good condition, whether it needs to be repaired, and whether it is necessary to redo the waterproof layer. . For the newly made waterproof layer, it can be used to check whether the waterproof construction is qualified. If the water level does not drop significantly within the specified time, especially if the roof of the house downstairs does not leak, the waterproofing is qualified. If the acceptance fails, the waterproofing project must be redone as a whole, and the acceptance shall be carried out again. There are methods for inspection and testing: how to do a closed water test? The closed water test must be done after the waterproof coating is dry. First, put the prepared sand into a plastic bag, and strictly block the floor drain to prevent the stored water from running away. ; Then plug the door where the water may be full with cement; then put water, the water should soak the entire ground covered with the closed water test, generally 1 cm is enough, if you are afraid that the water will be in the future 48 Evaporate within an hour, generally put 2 cm; after 24-48 hours, you can observe the results of the closed water test. There are specifications for closed water test: a project that meets the specifications. Generally speaking, the water surface height of the closed water test should be at least 20cm, at least 24 hours in summer, and at least 48 hours in winter. During this time, observe whether the water surface drops significantly, especially for those living downstairs. There is no leakage on the roof to check whether the waterproof construction is qualified. The lightweight wall shall be subjected to a water spray test, and the water pipe shall be continuously sprayed on the wall from top to bottom for 3 minutes. After 4 hours, observe whether there will be penetration on the other side of the wall. If there is no penetration, it can be considered as a waterproof construction acceptance. qualified.

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