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Bathrooms can also be gorgeous

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-01

From the original toilet function to the later human body cleaning function, the bathroom is actually a space with more personality potential in the family, but it has been buried in the shadow of the living room and bedroom for a long time and is not valued. Now that the house is big and new products are coming, it's time to create this space. You can make the bathroom as fashionable as a fancy car, and make life exquisite, interesting and comfortable. Make the bathroom full of sunshine Because of the traditional privacy concept of the Chinese people, most bathrooms are arranged very privately. Even if there are windows, they are strictly drawn with dark curtains. Now, if you have a romantic mood, try the bathroom under the sun. Add two curtains to the bathroom window, one is hazy white gauze and the other is colorful fabric. On a sunny afternoon, lie in the comfortable jacuzzi, let the sun shine on your body through the white gauze, and enjoy a different kind of warmth. You can also use blinds instead of cloth curtains, changing the angle of the blinds as the light outside changes. Nowadays, the shutters on the market are very rich in color, such as lavender, dark red, bright yellow, do not choose white and gray shutters, it will make people feel like they are in an office. If you are a single and high-level crowd, you might as well try to open up all the house, so that the entire space is unobstructed and unobstructed. Even the bathtub that ordinary people should hide in the consciousness can also appear on the stage, and it is generously exposed in the center of the house. You don't have to worry about whether it's beautiful or not. Today's bathroom products have long been designed to be beautiful. You can choose a bathtub with a retro design, with metal feet, and an elegant faucet; next to the bathtub can be an old scarred image The table, on the table is a bowl-shaped white porcelain basin representing the culmination of modern glaze technology; the toilet can also be very elegant, with a wall-mounted design, like a piece of art mounted on the wall. Wake up every morning, step out of the bed and step into the bathtub with some floating petals, when the warm water gradually flows over your feet, while listening to music or watching the morning TV news, fiddling with the water ripples with your fingertips, life It's really comfortable. The hanging small cosmetic box can place some commonly used small items; metal hanging rings and poles can be nailed into the wall to place towels and toilet paper; soap boxes, tooth cups, etc. can be directly used with suction tips Adsorbed on the wall, it is convenient to change the position at will; the small rattan basket is hung on the side of the bathtub, and you can put bath salt, aromatherapy oil or flowers. When all the toilets that go down have turned into white or rice, you who are unwilling to be ordinary, do you want to break this boring situation and have a colorful makeover? The underwater world, colorful crows, and little sparrow The colorful, animal-themed wooden toilet boards, do you like them? Wild leopard prints, cartoon characters and other artistic and humorous toilet boards are quirky, interesting, and diverse in style. Are you excited? If you are tired of this one, you might as well try another one to change your taste at any time. If the color of the toilet board and the color of the tiles can echo each other, the design of the bathroom will be even better. Concealed water tank and hanging toilet can make the bathroom have better space utilization, more concise and spacious. The so-called concealed water tank is to install the water tank for flushing the toilet in the wall of the bathroom, and only the flushing cover is exposed. Even if the water tank is broken, you only need to remove the water tank cover to replace the water tank accessories. The wall-mounted toilet has a certain distance from the ground, and can also eliminate the dead angle of hygiene. Injected into the general concept of popular elements, the components of the bathroom are the bathtub, toilet, washstand, and now, some popular elements have also entered the bathroom, vases, decorative paintings, TVs and even bars have moved into the bathroom. Many people spend their time on the bed or sofa instead soaking in the bathtub, surrounded by colorful magazines and watching TV. Take a bubble bath and sing like Donald Duck, the moments when you're naked are the moments when you're more relieved. Make a small bar next to the bathtub. When people soak in the bathtub, they can have delicious wine as soon as they reach out. installed in the living room.

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