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Be careful behind the 'cool price' of imported sanitary ware in June-import, sanitary ware, cool price

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-29

It's almost June, and the weather is getting hot, so why not choose a set of comfortable bathroom products to refresh yourself for the summer. Recently, the reporter visited and found that Kohler, TOTO, Leyi, Duravit and other imported brand stores in major supermarkets have launched a variety of diving products, which are exciting. However, while shopping for special prices, consumers must also master purchasing skills, distinguish between genuine and fake foreign brands, and identify imported and domestic products in order to find bathroom products that are more suitable for them. Be careful with fake foreign brands. Miss Zhang, who bought a house in Jinhong Garden, told reporters that her house is going to be renovated in June, and she wants to buy a full set of imported bathroom products. Recently, I took my family around the home shopping mall and found that in addition to Kohler and TOTO, there are many imported sanitary ware brands that I have never heard of before. How to choose. The fact is, as China has become the third largest consumer of luxury products in the world, foreign high-end sanitary ware brands have also opened up the Chinese market one after another, and there are many people who fish in troubled waters. Faced with this situation, consumers must keep their eyes open, which ones are genuine foreign brands and which ones are fake. Here to popularize some brands and their origins: Kohler and American Standard in the United States; TOTO in Japan; Hansgrohe, Duravit, Leyi, Grohe in Germany; Roca in Spain, Geberit in Switzerland and so on. It is worth mentioning that many foreign brands that are mature in the Chinese market have set up factories in China, such as TOTO and Kohler, and most of their products are produced in Foshan, Shanghai and other places. Each specialty store has about 30% pure imported products, and the price of a single product is more than 10,000 yuan. If consumers prefer to buy pure imported products, they must ask about the origin and check the certificate to prevent the dealer from pretending to be imported. Pay attention to whether the design conforms to the body of the family. Buying imported bathroom can indeed bring comfortable bathing enjoyment, but it is especially important to pay attention to choose the appropriate height, size and size according to the height, fat and thinness of the family. Especially for pure imported products, many imported brands are designed according to the body and living habits of Westerners, and do not fully consider the characteristics of Chinese households and Chinese people's usage habits. For example, the wall distance of imported toilets is generally 200 mm. If you insist on using imported toilets, you will have to renovate the entire sewer system, which is also a big project. In addition, if you pursue the good appearance and superior internal quality of imported bathroom, then it is recommended to buy a complete set, because this will make your bathroom show a unique overall beauty. But if there is a problem with the budget, you might as well choose one or two pieces of your favorite sanitary ware as embellishments, especially hardware, which are especially worth investing in, such as showerheads, because they are often opened and closed, and excellent quality and durability are valuable. . Why do many people prefer imported brands? It is good in appearance and durable. Many prospective owners will feel that domestic sanitary ware does not seem to be worse than imported ones. At first glance, the appearance is no different. In terms of function, many domestic brands have also begun to purchase the technology of foreign brands. Taking shower head as an example, many functions of imported brands, such as wall hanging, water saving, water outlet method, descaling needle, etc., are also available in many domestic brands. However, foreign products are more superior in appearance design and technical equipment. For the function of the descaling needle of the shower, imported brands are generally equipped with more than 1,000 small plastic parts, which require equipment investment of more than 10 million US dollars. . Its products spit water evenly, orderly and powerfully, so consumers don't have to worry about plugging holes for years. The price is generally more than twice that of domestic similar products. In addition, the after-sales service of imported brands is more complete than that of ordinary domestic brands. Usually, they are repaired and replaced for free within five years, and they are door-to-door service by sellers. The warranty period of domestic brands is only two or three months, and most of them are only two or three. year.

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