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Beware of being fooled by knockoff stores-Beware, knockoff stores, fooling

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-28

At 7:00 p.m. on March 20th, an announcement posted on the official Weibo account of Easyhome that an unscrupulous merchant fraudulently used the name of Easyhome to open a store on the Internet attracted widespread attention from reporters and the industry. The reporter's subsequent investigation and unannounced visits showed that the well-known home furnishing mall was used by the online store far more than the actual home. Today, when consumers are keen on online shopping, how to identify the authenticity of home furnishing brand online stores and avoid infringement of legitimate consumer rights, please refer to the unannounced comments compiled by reporters. Reporter's unannounced visit: Taobao merchants love well-known stores. Because large and well-known home furnishing stores can provide good service guarantees, including first payment, no reason to return and exchange goods, and zero delay in delivery, some consumers who are keen on online shopping, of course, hope to find the network of well-known home furnishing stores Shop to shop to ensure the quality and after-sales service of home products. However, since the e-commerce of home furnishing stores is still in the early stage of development, the huge demand for online shopping and the reputation and popularity accumulated by home furnishing stores over the years have been used by unscrupulous merchants, who openly deceived consumers under the guise of well-known home furnishing stores online stores. The counterfeit online store found a bunch of baskets After the real home released a formal Weibo on March 20 to remind consumers to beware of online merchants using its brand, the reporter launched an identity investigation against online sellers of household goods. Afterwards, the reporter searched Taobao.com using the real house as a key word, and found that there were dozens of stores or shopkeepers with the word real house in their names. One of the online stores, called Beijing Easyhome Shilihe Store, not only printed the logo of Easyhome on the homepage, but also copied the image of Easyhome's brand spokesperson Chen Baoguo and the propaganda of Easyhome. Then, the reporter searched Taobao with the names of large-scale well-known stores such as Jimei Home Furnishings, Red Star Macalline, Chengwaicheng Home Furnishings, Dongfangjiayuan Building Materials Supermarket, and found that there are many stores or store owners with brand titles. An online store whose shopkeeper is called Red Star Macalline Home Furnishing Network and whose store name is Red Star Macalline's most national home building materials and online flagship stores not only uses the Red Star Macalline trademark in a prominent position on the homepage, but also marks its fabricated official website. There are also links to cities where Red Star Macalline has branches in Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing. At first glance, it really looks like a model. In addition, there are Chengwaicheng Furniture Flagship Store, Beijing Jimei Home Furnishings (Xiamen Store), Dongfangjiayuan Sanitary Ware Flagship Store, etc. These names sound very bluffing. After verification by reporters and the store, they are all confirmed to be copycat versions. Revealing the commonly used vests in Shanzhai online stores During the investigation, the reporter found that the online stores of Shanzhai stores wearing vests have different styles. Shanzhai store style: only borrow signs to gain popularity Case: the same signboard is not the same product The reporter searched for a Taobao seller with Dongfangjiayuan Building Materials Supermarket as the merchant name, selling safes and other commodities, and the store introduction indicated that there was a physical store. Then the reporter asked: Are you an online store of Dongfangjiayuan Building Materials Supermarket? The online shop responds: Yes. The reporter asked again: Is it the same as the brand supermarkets in Beijing? The other party replied: We are in Nantong, a separate store. >>Case 2 Telling the truth after soliciting customers During an unannounced visit, the reporter found an online store called Red Star Macalline Outlet Store on Taobao. When the reporter communicated with the store owner online, he asked: Are you an online store opened by Red Star Macalline Home Furnishing Store ? The owner replied, our products are in Shunde, and there is a physical store in Hongxing, so the name is given to remind reporters not to misunderstand. Reporter's comment: The online store in the above case is quite honest, and can admit its true identity in the face of consumer inquiries. Of course, it is also inappropriate to use the brand name to attract business casually. However, consumers can identify the identity of the cottage just by patiently inquiring about such stores.

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