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'Big Problem' Caused by Small Floor Drains - Floor Drain, Big Problem

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-29

Floor drains are inconspicuous small parts in home life, but if not chosen properly, they can also turn into major headaches. Reader Ms. Zhao recently experienced a troublesome incident, which was a tragedy caused by an unqualified floor drain, and finally it was expensive and time-consuming. The enthusiastic Ms. Zhao specially contacted the editorial department of Jinghua Home Furnishing for an interview. While pouring bitterness to the reporter, she also reminded other readers to be cautious when choosing and using floor drains, and do not follow her footsteps.

The floor drain cover caused a big disaster Not long ago, when Ms. Zhao was taking a bath at home, the drainage pipe was suddenly blocked, and it was almost impossible to drain the water down. After careful inspection by Ms. Zhao and her family, she felt that something was stuck in the drain. The next day, Ms. Zhao asked someone to unclog the pipes. Only then did she find out that it turned out that there was a problem with the odor-proof floor she bought during the renovation two years ago. The screw on the sealing cover of this floor drain came loose, causing the cover to fall into the drain and get stuck in the pipe trap. Just for this small cover, Ms. Zhao asked people to pass through the pipeline 4 times within a week, but none of them were fully opened. Ms. Zhao's family was very depressed. The last time, the dredging workers suggested that Ms. Zhao negotiate with the downstairs residents, open the ceiling of her bathroom, and then unscrew the cover of Ms. Zhao's water trap, so that it is possible to take out the floor drain fittings that fell into the pipes. The next morning, Ms. Zhao found the tenant downstairs to discuss it. Although the neighbors were reluctant, she finally agreed to Ms. Zhao's request under Ms. Zhao's hard pleading. But what I didn't expect was that the downstairs bathrooms were decorated with waterproof gypsum board ceilings. There was only one inspection port reserved, and there was at least one meter away from the blocked drain pipe. If you want to operate it, you must destroy it. Part of the ceiling, so the neighbors backtracked. As a result, the matter was delayed for another two days. Later, Ms. Zhao asked the neighborhood committee to help coordinate, and promised to help the neighbors to restore the original condition and bear all the expenses, and the neighbors reluctantly agreed. After several days of tossing, Ms. Zhao finally took out the floor drain cover that caused the trouble. It cost a total of thousands of yuan and a lot of words. Her family didn't take a shower for many days. Ms. Zhao said that if the downstairs residents do not understand and cooperate, they really don't know what to do. Although it is a small matter, it can be a lot of trouble. The owner's experience has become a lesson. What exactly is the troublesome floor drain in Ms. Zhao's house? The reporter saw that the floor drain used by Ms. Zhao's house is a common mechanical deodorant floor drain. It has a movable sealing cover. When there is water, the cover is opened to drain, and when there is no water, the cover is closed and sealed. to achieve the deodorant function. The cover plate and the main body of the floor drain are connected by a screw. The screw is very short. Every time the water is drained, the cover plate moves up and down under the gravity of the water. The reason for the problem this time may be due to the poor material and processing technology of the floor drain itself, frequent use, and eventually the loose screws cause the cover to fall. Ms. Zhao reminded everyone from her painful experience that you should check the floor drain of your own home. If it is of the same type as hers, you should pay attention to check whether the screws are loose. It's better to replace it early so that troubles don't happen again.

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