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bubble bath that never runs out of bubbles

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-20
Everyone likes bubble bath.
But unfortunately, they can only hold on for so long.
At the end of the day, the foam burst and you only have a normal wash basin with no foam left.
So I decided to make a bubble bath unit and constantly replenish the bubbles so they never run out.
In this way, you can enjoy a bubble bath as long as you want.
These are the materials you need to complete this project.
Most pet stores are available for purchase.
They will find it with aquarium supplies.
Aquarium air pump
The air pump has a variety of sizes and is usually rated according to the size of the fish tank (in gallons)
They can inflate.
The larger the air pump, the more bubbles it produces.
Larger pumps tend to have multiple output nozzles where you can connect multiple air ducts and gas stones.
Aquarium air pipeline
This is a standard plastic pipe, usually transparent.
This is usually sold as a long tube.
You may want to cut it into a length that is more convenient to use.
Fish Tank-
These are small artificial stones with small holes that disperse the air into small bubbles.
They have a variety of shapes and sizes.
They are also rated according to the size of the bubbles they produce.
The standard stones produce medium-sized bubbles.
And \"fine\" and \"fog\" stones create smaller bubbles.
In this application, smaller bubbles will last longer, but larger bubbles will form larger bubbles.
So I chose to use standard stones.
Soapy tub-
Just fill the tub with water.
Pour your favorite bubble bath soap when the water is flowing to get the best mix.
The first thing you need to do is connect the Air Pump, air pipe and air stone.
This should be very direct.
Push the end of the air pipe to the output nozzle of the air pump.
Then push the nozzle of the air stone to the other end of the pipe.
If your air pump has multiple outputs, you can set up multiple hoses and air stones repeatedly.
Once all the parts are connected, you can test your gas stones.
When you turn on the pump, you should be able to hear the air hissing from the stone.
When you put the stone into the water, it should start to create bubbles immediately.
Placing stones deeper under the water creates slightly larger bubbles.
Now put all the tubes in the wash basin.
You can set them up loosely.
But if you want to put them in the right place, you can put a heavy shampoo bottle on the tube.
All you have to do now is turn on the pump and your tub will soon be filled with endless bubbles.
It takes only a few minutes to fully fill the tub.
You can now sit down and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath as long as you want, and you will never run out of bubbles.
Safety precautions: if the air pump is designed as an aquarium pump, it should be waterproof.
But for the sake of safety, you should put the pump away from the bath, as the Bath will not get wet.
Everyone likes bubble bath.
But nothing compares to the joy of a toddler frolicking in a bubble.
Try it and have fun.
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