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Buy a bathtub with new tricks, be careful to be thundered! -Buy a bathtub, new tricks

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-13

When choosing a bathtub, the first thing to consider is size, shape and style, and materials. The size of the bathtub depends on the size of the bathroom. A corner-mounted tub takes up more space than a normal rectangular tub, so if you like it, see if the bathroom can accommodate it. Also, bathtubs of the same size have different heights, widths, lengths and profiles. If you like the depth of the water, the position of the drain should be higher. If it is too low, once the water level exceeds this height, the water will flow out from the drain, and the water depth of the bathtub will hardly reach the required high level; For the disabled, it is better to choose a lower side, and you can also install a handrail in an appropriate position.

Some bathtubs have skirts and some have no skirts. If you want to buy a skirt with a skirt, it is usually a one-sided skirt, and you should pay attention to the direction of the skirt. According to the position of the drain and the wall, decide whether to choose the left skirt or the right skirt. If you buy the wrong one, you cannot install it. If there is a shower head on top of the bathtub, the selected bathtub should be slightly wider to prevent water from splashing outside; the bathtub part below the shower position should be flat, and the style with anti-slip treatment should be selected, so as to ensure safety. There are two types of shower heads: wall-mounted and wall-mounted, and the wall-mounted type is more suitable for home use. If you choose a massage bathtub, because it is flushed with an electric pump, you must check whether it meets the safety standards, and ask a professional to install it on your behalf. The shower head and accessories of the bathtub, like the toilet and basin accessories, must choose matching products. The selection of its appearance is basically the same as that of other bathroom products. The quality of the bathtub material is mainly determined by whether the surface is smooth and the hand mold is smooth. Steel and cast iron tubs, if the enamel is not well plated, will show subtle ripples. The firmness of the bathtub needs to be tested by hand and foot. The quality and thickness of the material are related to the firmness of the bathtub, which cannot be seen by visual inspection alone. You need to press and step on it in person.

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