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Buy bathroom 9 steps, be careful step by step-buy bathroom, step by step carefully

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-12

It is recommended that customers pay attention to the following points when choosing bathroom products: 1. In the era of product homogeneity, compare more and buy more regular brands in large shopping malls. To understand the price system of the brand in the market, you can check online if necessary. It must be a formal official website to be guaranteed. 2. Know the size of your bathroom in order to choose the right product. 3. Ask more formal decoration companies or friends who have been decorated to understand the advantages or disadvantages of choosing various bathroom products. 4. Customers who choose a squatting toilet must pay attention to the size of the bathroom, the high level of the squatting toilet, and distinguish the front and rear of the water. 5. Know the decoration style of your home. 6. Precautions for ceramic selection: A. Look at the glaze. A good ceramic glaze is a high-temperature microcrystalline self-cleaning glaze, which does not absorb dirt, does not change color, and is easy to clean. B. The toilet should look at the water system again, which is like the heart of a person, which is very important. Good water parts are made of engineering plastics, which are durable and not easy to break. C. Whether the toilet pipe is fully glazed, whether the pipe diameter is increased, and whether it is a water-saving type. D. The toilet is generally recommended to use a one-piece toilet, which is fashionable and not easy to cause problems. 7. Hardware is also very critical. Good hardware is all copper and multi-layer chrome plating. There are more than 6 layers of filtration system for the water outlet, which is not easy to get wet and saves water. 8. The choice of bathroom cabinets is very important. Be sure to pay attention to whether it is produced by the brand and whether it is waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew-proof. 9. Only by choosing a formal marketing company can the follow-up service system be guaranteed.

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