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by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-22

Bathroom Cabinets - Choose the right base material for bathroom cabinets: ①Particleboard is more commonly used in some cheap computer desks, furniture and kitchen utensils. Openings and joints, the edge of the sheet can be identified. Manufacturers often make it by pasting anti-real paper, veneer, and plastic skin, wrapping the edges with other materials, and then applying various colors of paint. Bad manufacturers and dealers often use such products as solid wood products based on their fake appearance and the buyer's understanding of the raw materials. ②Blockboard is more common in some low-priced or medium-high-priced wooden furniture. Because it is made of solid wood, it is divided into different wood species, so the price is different, and the compression resistance is very different due to different wood species and different production processes. Big differences, such as poorly done surface paint, can crack from exposure to sunlight and moisture. ③MDF MDF bathroom cabinets are more common in some common computer desks and office furniture, home furniture, used for indoor booth decoration, waterproof and moisture-proof is not ideal. It is easy to swell and crack, and it cannot be used in a humid environment with a lot of water in the bathroom. However, some unscrupulous manufacturers and distributors often use MDF products with veneer to pretend to be solid wood to deceive consumers. ④Moisture-proof board Although the board has certain moisture-proof performance, and some manufacturers use material materials for veneer, but the board has a lot of moisture-proof glue added to the board, and the formaldehyde content is seriously exceeding the standard, so it is not an environmentally friendly building material product. ⑤Oak board Oak has a unique wood grain, the heartwood is resistant to decay, high density, hard texture, and belongs to the hardwood category. Household products made of oak have the advantages of mahogany furniture being dignified and calm. But the price is much lower than that of mahogany. Due to the many advantages of oak, this material is widely used to make beer barrels, wine barrels, bathroom barrels, floors, outdoor wooden bridges, etc. It is an ideal material for making bathroom cabinets. Oak can be divided into two types according to color: white oak and red oak. my country's output is extremely small, and it is generally imported from the United States, Malaysia and Thailand. ⑥Stainless steel plate The stainless steel bathroom cabinet is made of high-quality stainless steel plate and other materials through several processes, with various styles, unique design, environmental protection, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, rust-proof, waterproof and will not produce any harmful substances, beautiful and durable, and stainless steel plate It can also be recycled. Commonly used plates are 202#, 304#, 201# and other specifications.

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