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Buy water-saving and beautiful bathroom products - water-saving and beautiful, bathroom products

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-25

With the improvement of living standards, people's aesthetic value also increases, and the requirements for decoration are getting higher and higher. The bathroom is closely related to our life. How can we choose high-quality bathroom hardware and save resources. What about aesthetic requirements? 1. It depends on the structural performance of the product. The high-quality bathroom hardware products have a stable and strong structure, and there will be no loosening when shaking up, down, left, and right. The product is reasonably humanized and easy to use. The second is the surface of the product: all high-quality products will be surface-treated, and the surface is generally bright chrome. In order to meet the requirements of individual decoration consumers, some products are also treated with antique color and gold on the surface. The surface is uniform, smooth, and has no color difference. It fell off and passed the 24-hour acid salt spray test, reaching level 10 or above (regular manufacturers have test reports from the quality supervision department). 2. Look at the material and accessories of the product. High-quality products use copper as the main material. Because copper does not rust or oxidize, it can ensure a longer service life of the product and has a high recycling value. Especially for the purchase of water Pay attention to the valve core of the product, the valve core is quite the heart of the human body, and controls the entire switch. High-quality products on the market all use ceramic spools. Ceramic valves have good sealing performance. According to the quality of the spool, they can generally be used more than 300,000 to 500,000 times. In particular, the imported ceramic chips have more stable physical properties and long service life, generally normal. Used for more than 10 years. Low-end products mostly use copper, rubber and other seals, which have a short service life and low prices. When choosing a shower nozzle, you need to pay attention to its functionality. There are single-function and three-function nozzles on the market that can adjust the water output, which can be purchased according to individual needs. The completeness of accessories is also an issue that cannot be ignored. The water produced by regular enterprises should be accompanied by corresponding accessories when leaving the factory, mainly including water remover, lifting rod, fixing bolts, fixing copper sheets and gaskets; the bathtub should also have standard accessories such as shower, two water inlet hoses, brackets and so on. ,Indispensable. Some merchants disassemble the accessories and sell them separately. When purchasing, be sure to ask the merchants for the standard configuration of each product to avoid missing accessories. 3. The color and grade should be consistent. The color of the four parts of the sanitary ware, such as the washbasin, toilet, bathtub or additional women's washing machine, must be consistent, and its grade should be coordinated with the color of the floor tiles and wall tiles of the bathroom. Generally, the color of the sanitary ware in the bathroom is similar to or slightly lighter than the color of the floor tiles. The basin faucet and the bathtub triple faucet should be of the same brand and style to be more coordinated. The faucet with a single handle ceramic core is better to choose, because the faucet of the ceramic valve core is more durable than the rubber core and does not leak. 4. Inspection of water-saving function When choosing a water-saving toilet, there is often a misunderstanding that the smaller the water tank, the more water-saving it is, and whether it saves water depends on the size of the water tank. In fact, whether the toilet saves water is not entirely determined by the size of the water tank, but mainly depends on the design of the toilet flushing and drainage system and the accessories of the water tank. Some toilets have small water tanks, but the flushing performance is very poor. If they cannot be flushed once, they have to be flushed twice or three times. Some toilet water tanks are not small, but the water tank storage line is very low, the flushing water is very good, and it is also water-saving. Therefore, whether the toilet is water-saving can not only depend on the size of the water tank, nor can it only listen to the dealer's introduction. You should ask the dealer for the toilet flushing volume indicated in the product inspection report of the national technical supervision agency.

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