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Buying skills: pay attention to humanized functions when buying electric water heaters-electric water heaters, humanized functions

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-22

In the home appliance market, there are many brands of well-known electric water heaters, and the styles are even more diverse. Faced with such a wealth of products, many citizens are embarrassed. How should electric water heaters be selected? Which brand is better? What should be paid attention to when purchasing? In response to the above problems, the reporter recently visited the supervisors of kitchen and bathroom products in chain stores such as Suning and Gome, and asked them to give consumers advice on purchasing. As we all know, storage-type electric water heaters are generally larger in shape. Therefore, when purchasing, pay attention to the size of the appearance to ensure that it can be installed in the bathroom. It is worth noting that if a concealed installation is required in the bathroom ceiling, the water heater should be purchased in advance during the renovation so that it can be installed. The choice of capacity mainly depends on factors such as the number of households and the amount of hot water used. Generally speaking, if one person takes a bath, you can choose an electric water heater with a volume of 30-40 liters; if 2-3 people take a bath continuously, you should choose a 40-50 liter electric water heater; if 3-5 people take a bath continuously, you need to choose a 40-50 liter electric water heater. Buy a 70-100 liter electric water heater. The inner tank is the core part of the water storage type electric water heater, and the performance and quality of the inner tank directly determine the service life of the storage type electric water heater. At present, there are three main types of electric water heater liner on the market: galvanized liner, stainless steel liner, and enamel liner. From the comprehensive consideration of corrosion resistance, heat preservation, service life and other aspects, the enamel inner tank is better. At present, our electricity environment is not very ideal. There are often accidents of electric water heater leakage and injury. Electric water heater leakage protection is very important. Generally, storage-type electric water heaters have four conventional protections: grounding protection, anti-dry burning, anti-overtemperature, and anti-overpressure devices. When purchasing, you must know whether the relevant products have these functions. Of course, a fully functional electric water heater, especially the user-friendly functional design, is more convenient, energy-saving and comfortable to use. Electric water heaters are used frequently, and energy-saving water heaters save money. The energy efficiency rating system for storage-type electric water heaters has been implemented. According to regulations, all kinds of storage-type electric water heaters should be affixed with energy efficiency labels. The energy efficiency grades of storage-type electric water heaters are divided into 1-5 grades, of which grade 1 is higher, grade 2 is second, and grade 5 is lower, which is the limit value of energy efficiency and is the threshold for market access. Products below grade 5 will be cannot be sold on the market. Therefore, to see the energy saving level of the storage-type electric water heater, you can directly look at the energy efficiency grade label on the water heater.

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