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Designers love | the blue sky white marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-12
Between nature and art, like to hide, each other in a flash, they touch together; I also feel the opposite has faded, the attraction as the same to me. Only should try best to face if we can at the right moment fully devoted to art, nature, and will be free to light up in their hearts. — — Goethe nature and art blue day white jade - — Heart free features: the blue sky white solid surface sheets on the base of color is white, the floor or a little gray texture, colour and lustre is smooth and exquisite, have clean and elegant texture, loved by many designers. Scope of application: suitable for Chinese style, modern minimalist, luxury and style, used for background wall, metope, ground, partition wall, commercial space, etc. Culture, and between the situation between the blue sky white jade material specialty constitutes the temperament of the space, furniture and art spread out in space, let a person calm down and show authenticity of advocating and return to nature. Space has angry elegant, gridded chief use for delight. Bones of the space, starting from the spirit. Material in the blue sky white jade, in order to good to eyesight. Every space, directly or indirectly, to build an atmosphere of quiet space, narrative, qing shadow jade, to enjoy the heart. When we put into the nature and art space, the poetic feelings in daily life, the sunshine, shadow, nature, the level of the white, after the ablation with the space, in time of yonghe, still miss to pass on one thousand all kinds of simple but elegant, light language floating light.
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