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Details to pay attention to when using and installing Yuba-Clean and dry bathroom, Yuba

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-20

The power wiring system of the Yuba should regulate the power of the Yuba, which can reach more than 1100W. Therefore, the power wiring for installing the Yuba must be a waterproof wire, preferably a multi-wire copper core wire of not less than 1mm. All power wiring Plastic hidden pipes must be installed in the wall, and no open wires are allowed. The Yuba power control switch must be a qualified product with a waterproof capacity of more than 10A, especially when installing Yuba in the bathroom of an old house. The thickness of the Yuba should not be too large In terms of installation, consumers must pay attention to the thickness of the Yuba when purchasing, generally about 20 cm. Because the Yuba is to be installed on the roof, if you want to install the Yuba, you must add a roof below the roof, which is what we often call the PVC ceiling, so that the second half of the Yuba can be sandwiched between the two roofs. If the Yuba is too thick, the decoration will be difficult. Should be installed in the center of the bathroom Many families install it above the bathtub or shower position, so that the surface looks like it will heat up quickly in winter but it is a safety hazard. Because the infrared radiation lamp heats up quickly, it is easy to burn the human body if it is too close. The correct method should be to install the Yuba in the center of the top of the bathroom, or slightly close to the bathtub, which is both safe and functional. It is forbidden to spray with water at work. Special attention should be paid to when using: although the current Yuba is waterproof, it must not be splashed with water in actual use. Although the waterproof bulb of the Yuba has waterproof performance, the metal fittings in the body are not. If this is not possible, the metal in the body is still conductive, and if it is splashed with water, it will cause dangers such as short circuit of the power supply. Avoid frequent switching and vibration The Yuba should not be switched on and off frequently in normal use. During the operation of the Yuba, there should be no large vibration around, otherwise the service life of the heating bubble will be affected. If there is an abnormal situation during operation, stop using it immediately, and do not dismantle it for maintenance by yourself. It must be checked by professional and technical personnel from the after-sales service maintenance department. Keep the bathroom clean and dry After bathing, do not turn off the Yuba immediately, but wait for the moisture in the bathroom to drain before turning it off; usually keep the bathroom ventilated, clean and dry to prolong the service life of the Yuba.

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