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Different marble decorate a style to you're worth it

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-12
Many people may feel that the marble as domestic outfit may be a bit general impression, will think it's style is too solemn luxury, only suitable for exist in the European court buildings, such as not suitable for application to our common home outfit, in fact, decorate a style because of its unique natural solid surface sheets for sale clever lines, create a relaxed and warm household environment, has become a lot of people chase high decoration materials. A few days ago to visit a friend just decorate good house, deeply by its beautiful amazing here! Just in the door, see the restaurant gives priority to tone with warm light yellow, gray and white collocation solid surface sheets for sale floors, appropriate for changes in temperature. In integral space density and fitness, collision and compatibility of contrast. Pieces of marble brick of the floor, unique texture, smooth, bright and pure and fresh, like a visual feast again and again. A whole piece of glass wall, make whole space more fully, in the broad field of vision at the same time, also makes the daylighting is more abundant, and the echo of the marble wall art, table ware, jewelry is the space of art to rise to the height of the well. The linkage between the kitchen and sitting room place arrange stage is a unique decorative pattern, ground and arrange stage mesa marble texture from afar extension to the use of kitchen space not only, also strengthened the close contact with the space, lets the home, let the life more 'fireworks'. In the master bedroom and second lie, and using the contemporary classic clever and appear a space partition technique, grind arenaceous texture in the hazy glass, such as screen changes, such as luxury ambry general detail place among open show elegance and taste, let habitant natural comfortable life experience. Dining-room space is capacious and comfortable, contracted and do not break the design feeling, the most like is the marble table, corrugated natural clever. With another mirror design of metope, make original limited space for further expansion, under the irradiation of light more bright and spacious. The tea table of teahouse for marble mesa, the remaining part on wood, steel and other materials. Fashion design style, sense of quality. Long-term supply of white marble, big white, Snow White, its own solid surface sheets for sale mine, can be customized various engineering surveying, supply stability. Exclusive your personalized whole house custom manufacturers.
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