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different types of countertop backsplashes - kitchen ...

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-17

In this article, we will discuss the KKR countertop tailgate.We don\'t talk about the tile tailgate, but if you\'re going to use a surface that matches the KKR countertop deck, we\'ll focus on the options available.You can choose the standard tailgate and the complete tailgate.Products based on Stone (1)e.Granite, quartz), the industry standard baffle is 4 \\ \"high;Size can be customized according to design preference.Sometimes, one will consider the height of the light switch, the wall mirror, or other items around the kitchen or bathroom to determine the height of the tailgate.If needed, the stone tailgate can be cut around the light switch.In most cases, the thickness of the stone tailgate will match the thickness of the horizontal plane.With the full tailgate, the splash extends all the way to the upper cabinet in the kitchen.This height is usually18 \\ \"but can be customized if needed.In order to properly complete the full height tailgate, a second trip is usually required to install the tailgate.The reason for this is that in order to get the most accurate measurement, the deck of the countertop should be installed.The template then needs to be cut and installed separately.For granite, it is important to cut the tailgate from the same amount of material so that there is no color change.Please keep this in mind when considering adding granite splashes later;This is not recommended.Products with solid surface (I.e.Dorian.®Hi mac®), You have more choices due to the versatility of the product.Like a stone, you can choose the standard tailgate and the full height tailgate, but you can also choose to make the standard size loose or bent.The standard height of the solid surface baffle is 3 \\ \", but it can also be customized to different heights.Customers with a very curved back wall should choose a loose tailgate on a solid surface, as this material is slightly flexible and can walk along a wall that is not straight (which is impossible for a stone ).However, if they have a relatively straight back wall, they have the option of turning over the wall on the tailgate, which means that the splash and deck will be connected, which means that they will not have it between the two surfacesMany would like to see this look in the bathroom area, where more water often flows out.The tile receiver can also be a solid surface, not a stone surface.The tile recipient means that the tailgate will be slightly bent and will just reach the lowest tile and grouting.The splash of this small height is between \"and 1\", preventing any water from entering the bottom of the grout and tile and contributing to the overall life of the tile.Like Stone, the solid surface tailgate can also reach full height.Again, due to its flexibility, there should be fewer problems with the solid surface if the wall is not completely straight.
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