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diy faux marble shelf

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-04-11
I\'ve been longing for this, but I know I can create something similar, a little budgetary friendly.
So I started looking for supplies, creating a DIY artificial marble shelf, and it looked almost identical to the original!
You only need a few supplies and an hour to create the project for less than $20, and it\'s very user-friendly. -friendly.
The project cost me $5 because I already have contact paper and spray paint.
If you don\'t have these things, your total will be less than $20.
Talk about budget friendliness!
Make sure your brackets are ready. Remove the stickers and wipe them off so that they are free of dust.
Stand them upright, place the jars about 12 inches away from the bracket, and coat them with a thin layer until they are completely covered.
This step is first performed to paste the contact paper onto the shelf when the bracket is dry.
This will shorten your project time!
This step can be tricky, so if you\'ve never touched contact paper before, you might want to find a friend to give you an extra pair of hands.
Clean the surface of the shelf so that it is free of dust.
Any bit of dust will show up on the contact paper. It looks very bumpy!
I can cover the whole shelf with its length without cutting another piece of contact paper. -wise.
For larger shelves, make sure the seams are in the least conspicuous position. (i. e.
(under the shelf).
Slowly stick the paper to one side of the shelf and blow out bubbles as you walk.
If there are still bubbles after application, you can use credit card to eliminate them.
This part is not complicated, but it needs some precision.
I wrapped the corner of the shelf like a gift and cut off all the extra things.
Your final result should give you such a smooth corner!
Your brackets should be dry. Don\'t stick them together until you put them on the wall.
Turn over the shelf and install the bracket below. There are pre-
Drill holes in this special shelf to help keep it strong!
Install the bracket on the wall with screw, anchor, level gauge and electric drill.
Because this shelf is not made of real marble, it is hardly as heavy as it used to be.
I put the shelf on the dressing table, so I used it to show jewelry and my favorite polishes.
It also looks good in the kitchen or bathroom, because contact paper is very durable and easy to clean!
This contact paper looks very real.
You never know that it\'s actually a shelf lining, not real marble! So, that\'s it!
Sit down and pat yourself on the back for being so talented and saving so much money and appreciate your new bookshelf!
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