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Do you know chengdu artificial stone has the resources advantage?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-22
In natural solid surface sheets for sale, solid surface mining processing will produce more than 70% of the waste stone, waste of resources, environmental pollution. According to related information: China has become the world's stone material production, sales and export power, annual output value of more than 1000 one hundred million yuan, but China's mining technology backward, most still use the original way of mining blasting Fried mountain, the waste material yield ( 2 - 3 m cube) Accounts for only 15% Mining equipment of 20%, better its yield is 30%, the remaining 70% 80% of valuable resources become waste slag, even by China's mining stone 30% yield calculation, which can produce 25 million tons of waste in the stone, is also said the three mines will have more than two mining resources become waste rock hill, precious resources loss. material processing plant in the plate production and produces more than 30% of the waste, therefore, the main raw material of man-made wall mounted bar countertop natural wall mounted bar countertop scraps is inexhaustible. This makes the development of artificial stone industry of protection of the resources.
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