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Do you know several marble of five kinds of color?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-19
In our country, various and complete series of marble, one of the main five big design and color, white marble, cream-colored marble respectively, sunset red, dark green jade, marble and marble black black jade marble, etc. Yellow series: have henan xichuan 'rosin yellow', 'yellow', guangxi state 'wood grain yellow', etc. Series: red for anhui LingBi 'red screw of anhui province', 'the nanjiang red' of sichuan nanjiang, liaoning tieling 'tieling red', hebei LaiShui 'LaiShui red' and so on. White series: shandong laizhou stone 'Snow White', Beijing well 'white marble stone', 'QuYang jade' of hebei province, sichuan 'baoxing jade acrylic countertops', 'Oriental white stone', etc. Green series: liaoning dandong 'dandong green', 'green' laiyang shandong laiyang, henan LuShan 'LuShan green' and so on. Black series: guizhou bijie 'crystal black jade', hunan bimodal 'bimodal black', etc. White marble occupy larger market share in China, also is one of China's domestic marble larger varieties, including white marble and Snow White marble is more prominent. China's white marble stone producing area are mainly in xinjiang, shaanxi, yunnan, hubei, fujian, jiangxi, anhui, hebei, Inner Mongolia and Beijing and other provinces. Snow White origin mainly in xinjiang, gansu, shandong, jiangsu, hebei, shanxi and other provinces. Other varieties of white marble, the name has a white jade of xinjiang, qinghai music white, Snow White, shaanxi han crystal white, yunnan white a white jade, white haitang, good fortune gong, towering white jade, guizhou guizhou white jade, royal county of guangxi white, guangdong white even states, hunan to Yang white, chenzhou, jiangxi dexing white, white, anhui guichi FeiDong white prince. Sichuan baoxing jade white marble, such as relatively well-known. White marble in China enjoys a certain status in the world, the famous varieties are shandong laizhou well 'Snow White', Beijing, hebei 'QuYang jade', 'China white' sichuan 'baoxing white', 'Oriental white', etc. White solid surface sheets is mainly used for indoor decoration, and important building, toilet decorate the bar, and also a good material to stone, stone crafts. Is also indispensable to the palace to decorate stone material, the imperial palace to fix the build by laying bricks or stones is made of white marble stone to the railings.
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