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Domestic marble table

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-24
table and natural marble table and artificial stone marble table, natural marble hardness is higher than artificial stone, in general household table to choose natural marble, mall and hotel choose artificial stone table. So natural marble and artificial stone table between what's different? Natural solid surface sheets for sale hardness is higher than the artificial stone; Fingernail across the table, no scratches, marble artificial stone have obvious lettering. Natural marble flexibility is lower than the artificial stone; Although natural solid surface sheets for sale hardness, but also belongs to the fragile, artificial stone powder, gravel and resin of high temperature curing, high toughness, not easy to break. Natural marble is beautiful sex is stronger; The dimensional feeling of natural marble table with decorative pattern into time and clear. Natural marble table has higher glossiness; Natural marble is and the crystal composition, after polishing the luminosity is very high, belongs to the crystal surface. Natural marble table than artificial Shi Gui; Natural marble is artificial Shi Gui several times, the hotel to the general store is not willing to pay big money for hospitality, and protective of the stores and shops of furniture is poorer.
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